The multisport brand Decathlon has been betting heavily on gravel for a few years. First were its Triban Gravel Rc520 and Triban GRVL 120 aluminum models and now it surprises us with the Van Rysel Gravel EDR.

This new model is a top of the range option in carbon with a surprising price. It is a bicycle with a competitive soul and intended for those users who like to be agile on all types of terrain.

Below, we detail its key aspects and encourage you to provide your comments.

Van Rysel Gravel EDR detail

The Van Rysel line, unlike the Triban range of the brand, stands out for presenting high-end models. This is the case of the Gravel EDR that is supported under a visually very striking and modern carbon frame.

«The Gravel EDR is supported by a visually striking and modern carbon frame. The mix of black and champagne colors make it look elegant»

In fact, this frame is born from the cyclocross competition modality but incorporating components and gravel solutions. Therefore, it is a bicycle for those users who like to go fast on forest routes and not so slow on stretches of asphalt.

The bicycle incorporates everything a current model can ask for. In other words, internal wiring, thru axles, specific design for single-plate transmission, etc.

«With carbon frame and fork and good level components make the bike weight only 8.8kg»

Perhaps, and one of the things I miss, is that it does not incorporate added grommets for the installation of a third bottle cage, or an additional bikepacking bag. Although I consider that the Van Rysel Gravel EDR has a sportier nature (not long rides) and I think that these functionalities are not so necessary.

If we focus on the weight of your frame, for a size M it gives us a scant 1,020 grams. The fork weighs only 340 grams. The weight of the bicycle is only 8.8 kg.

«Something that helps the bike to have a very respectable weight, is that it only has a chainring. In another sense, their chainstays and seatstays are not dropped»

As for the specific features that the gravel incorporates, we highlight a handlebar with a discreet 12-degree flare, or the possibility of mounting both 700c and 650b wheels.

If we talk about the capacity to hold different sizes of tires, for the measure of 700c it allows us a maximum of 38mm. For the size of 650b it is possible to install covers up to 42mm, which is limited if you will be riding on difficult roads. In fact, the series bike incorporates the Hutchinson Black Mamba 700x38c which are a valid option for both gravel and cyclocross.

«There is not much room to install wide tires. For the measure of 700c it allows a maximum of 38mm. For 650b maximum 42mm. No eyelets for fenders»

One of the things that surprises us is that the bike is practically equipped with the top of the range Shimano GRX (RX800), except for the levers that are of the RX600 level. This group can be compared in terms of level to a road Shimano Ultegra.

In terms of the drivetrain, a single 42 tooth chainring and a large 11-42t cassette have been chosen. Therefore, we are talking about a very versatile transmission designed primarily for off-road practice. On descents you will not reach the bikes that have two chainrings (if you like speed), but you will achieve about 40-45km / h before you start floating on the pedals.

«The chainring is 42 teeth, which will give you more speed than the traditional 40 teeth»


It has an excellent price of just € 1,999.99 or US $2,350 or £1,699.99 and you can buy it online at (Note: In UK is out of stock but available in Spain and other European countries).

More information


  • Model: Van Rysel Gravel EDR
  • Modality: Gravel.
  • Frame: Carbon (1.020 grams)
  • Fork: Carbon (340 grams)
  • Groupset: Shimano GRX 11 speeds (RX800/Rx600)
  • Chainring: 42t
  • Cassette: 11/42t.
  • Components: Aluminum.
  • Tires: HUTCHINSON Black Mamba CX 700x38mm.
  • Compatibility: Wheels 650b.
  • Weight: M size, 8,8 kg
  • Price (approx.): 1.999,99 €

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