Last May we began publishing TODOGRAVEL in this English edition in the hope of quickly gaining a portion of the preference of the English-speaking cycling community, especially gravel.

We knew it was not going to be easily given the existence of other English-language websites that have been reporting on cycling in general for years and putting some effort into gravel cycling and gravel bikes.

We think, perhaps naively, that adapting some strategies that have given us success on our website in Spanish, plus adding some topics of interest to the English-speaking reader, would be enough to earn us the desired preference.

However, and despite our enormous efforts, we have already come up against the harsh reality that opening up a space in this highly competitive world of information about cycling in English on the web is overly complicated. Certainly, the numbers of daily visitors to the website were on the rise and in the last week averaged 85 (or 2,550 per month), but it was not enough. This is a marathon type race and we just don’t have the resources to keep up with it. We tried, we couldn’t, we learned. This is life.

Therefore, we have decided to stop publishing TODOGRAVEL in English via to devote all our attention and limited resources to TODOGRAVEL in Spanish via, which continues to establish itself as one of the web pages on gravel cycling most visited in the Spanish-speaking world.

If you liked the information we provide during these months in and you do not want to stop reading it, then we suggest you use the Google Translate extension in your Chrome browser, which you can download here. We use it daily to translate information and articles from various languages ​​into Spanish and English, and trust us, it works very well.

Finally, we want to add two things. The first is to apologize because surely our English was not the best. We are not native speakers and we did the best we could.

The second thing is that we want to say ¡THANK YOU VERY MUCH! (in capital letters), for visiting and having dedicated some of your time to us. We hope we have been useful to you.

We hope to see you at For now, take care while doing gravel.

Hasta la vista, amigo!


Jaime Villasana D. / Vicente González L.