It is not the first time that we have introduced a suspension system for gravel cycling. In fact, a few months ago we carried out a review on some existing damping solutions.

On this occasion, we present you the Kinekt stem from the Cirrus Cycles company. This component comes in addition to what exists in the market and gives you a plus of comfort. Below, we detail its key aspects and encourage you to provide your comments.

Kinect stem detail

With gravel, products that once had their place in the market and that in recent years seemed forgotten have been seen again. In fact, the damped stems appeared back in the 1990s in the world of mountain biking. Some examples were the Girvin Flexstem or the Softride.

Lately, we have seen how this type of suspension solution has been launched again and an example is the Redshift power that we already presented to you. Now Cirrus Cycles presents this solution that will help you mitigate the vibrations produced by the terrain. This is the Kinekt stem.

This component gives you a travel between 15-20mm. Enough if we travel through abrupt areas that usually cause discomfort in the arms and wrists. Personally, they can be a good solution if we undertake trips of several days and where certain muscular pains usually begin to appear. Compared to similar powers, the suspension travel is practically the same.

«The Kinekt gives you a travel between 15-20mm. Enough if we go through rough areas that usually cause discomfort in the arms and wrists»

As for the material that is built, it is 6061 aluminum. As we have commented on some occasions, this type of alloy is very widespread in the creation of components and frames and are usually products with good performance.

If we focus on the system itself, it is made up of a small shock absorber that can be changed by varying the travel. That is, it includes three springs: soft, medium (comes installed) and firm. With this you can adapt the sensation to the type of driving, or to the route that you are going to face.

This stem is designed around a standard 1-1 / 8 ”head tube with a 31.8mm handlebar clamp diameter. In addition, it has some elevation for a more comfortable ride of 7 degrees, or 30 degrees (only the measurement of 100 mm).

In addition, you have four more lengths: 90 mm, 100 m, 105 mm and 120 mm. As for the weight it varies according to the selected measure, but approximately we speak of about 470 to 530 grams.


The approximate price for the change is 104.62 euros or US $120

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