A few days ago we published an article with five mixed pedals and we proposed a series of multipurpose shoes that you can use with them. Onthis occasion, we show you an interesting model for the practice of gravel, or MTB. We talk about the new Spiuk Oroma and we will detail them below.

About the Spiuk Oroma

One of the curious things about this shoe is that at first glance, it has a great similarity with trekking boots, or for walking in the mountains. But what really surprises is that they are shoes that you can install some cleats for pedals and transform them to be used in cycling. In fact, it is that they are, but with a much more versatile appearance than what we are used to seeing.

Are they suitable for gravel?

As many of you know, gravel cycling, by its very nature, is very versatile. There are users who practice it looking for more sporty sensations and others, do it simply as a leisure activity or to explore those dirt roads near home.

For those who want a quieter activity where they not only cycle, but also walk on various terrains, the Spiuk Oroma is a good choice. Therefore, they are one of the models with unique characteristics that we can acquire.

Eva and Rubber sole If there is one aspect that we must highlight, it is that they have an Eva and Goma sole that allow us to walk quietly when hiking, or we rest from the bicycle. In addition, it has a plate that protects the holes to install the cleats.

«They have an Eva and Goma sole that allow us to walk calmly when hiking, or we rest from the bicycle»

Said sole, as you can see, is quite thick and remarkably similar to footwear for hiking. This is an added bonus, because for a single model you have two options.

Pedal cleats

If you look at the sole, they have the typical anchors for the installation of SPD cleats or similar. Therefore, you can use them with your usual clipless pedals for gravel or MTB.

«In the sole there are the typical anchors for the installation of SPD cleats or similar, however, there are not the typical channels to move the position cleats»

Reinforcements and Upper

As you can see the Oroma have good reinforcements. The toe looks very well protected as does the heel. As the upper of the shoe is made of Polyurethane (PU) material, which as a property is quite light and is usually an alternative to leather.

«The toe of the shoe is protected as is the heel. On the sides there are holes for ventilation of the foot. Important thing if we are also going to use them in summertime»

Use with platform pedals

Another thing that I would highlight is that it is a model that you can also use with platform pedals or with those that come with pin grips. I personally find them ideal for use with the mixed type (one face with a cleat and the other with a platform). Therefore, this increases the possibilities of being used for various cycling disciplines: gravel, touring, urban and MTB.

«The Spiuk Oroma can also be used with platform pedals with pins»


The adjustment of the shoe is through laces, which gives a retro touch. One thing that stands out is that the tongue has a kind of bag that you can hide the excess of them and thus, avoid that you can get tangled with the chain.


The Spiuk Oroma are shoes that, seen from afar, seem to be for mountaineering.

Since its sole is not as firm as that of a normal cycling shoe, you can walk with some comfort. Due to their design they can be used for any type of cycling. Perhaps the only drawback is that the sole does not have the classic channels to move the cleats forward or backward.


  • Model: SPIUK OROMA
  • Modality: Gravel and MTB.
  • Pedals: Platform and cleats.
  • Cleats: SPD.
  • Possibility of walking: Yes.
  • Reinforcement: toe and heel.
  • Ventilation perforations: Yes
  • Official price: € 79.90 / US $ 89.70 approx.

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