Those of us with a gravel bike are tempted to put on smooth tires to go faster on asphalt routes. In those moments of temptation, we do a quick analysis to confirm the percentage of time we spend on gravel or asphalt roads.

And being honest, many of us pedal more than 70% on asphalt and still refuse to get rid of the studded tires.

If you are lucky enough to have two sets of wheels with tires, then good for you. You are making the most of your gravel bike by enjoying gravel and road cycling.

But going back to those of us who are not lucky and if you are seriously thinking about installing smooth tires on your gravel, here are some options you have.


Here we have a mixed model to install it on your gravel (or urban bicycle) and that allows you to ride efficiently both on asphalt and smooth dirt terrain. It is a durable tire and very resistant to punches.

Therefore, I recommend them for those users who want to make long or multi-day journeys on all types of roads, mainly asphalt.

You have different sizes for 700c: 32, 35 and 38c. In addition, this version of tires is tubeless compatible.

As for the weight, it depends on the size of each tire. The 32c have a weight of 330 grams, the 35c give us about 350 grams and finally, the 40mm is 360 grams.

On the other hand, Panaracer presented its GravelKing SS tire weeks ago. Its design mixes the design of the GravelKing Plus with the design of the GravelKing SK. I think the SS will be my next tire. Check them out.


Its approximate price is about € 40-43 unit / US $45-48 unit


The Vittoria Terreno Zero are designed to be versatile on any surface, be it a forest track or an asphalt road. If we look at the central tread pattern, we will see that it resembles any tire for asphalt. This inspiration is inherited from the high-end road tire and well-known as the Vittoria Corsa.

However, for a better grip on terrain where the pavement leaves us, the Vittoria Terreno Zero presents on the sides a pattern formed by hexagonal knobs.

These covers are available for both 650b and 700c sizes. They have an acceptable weight of 435 grams (35c).

Measurement: 700c x 32c, 35c and 38c or 650b x 47c


Its approximate price is about € 31 unit / US $ 35


Here is another example of a tire that is closer to a model concept for asphalt than for gravel. In fact, the 32c measure is classified as a road tire and the 40c measure for gravel.

It is practically a smooth tire and does not have studs. Just micro knobs in diamond shape. Its suitable use is for practically smooth forest tracks or solid gravel.

Measurement: 650b x 47c, 700 x 32c and 700x40c


Its approximate price is about € 45 unit / US $50


Another example of a tire that performs well on different terrains, thanks to the fact that it has micro-knobs that allow us to roll well both on asphalt and on forest tracks that are not too technical. Especially fairly smooth gravel roads.

It is also a tubeless compatible tire and has an anti-puncture system. You have different sizes for 700c wheels: 30c, 35c and 38c. In addition, there is a version for 650b wheels.


Its approximate price is about € 45 unit / US $50


WTB has several models of gravel tires (such as Panaracer). If what you are looking for is a model that allows you to roll with some agility, the Exposure is a good example.

As for its characteristics, they have a smooth central area that is suitable for paved areas, so they will have a particularly good performance due to their design. You can also use then without problem on smooth gravel roads.

As for the measures it is somewhat limited. You have for wheels size of 700c of widths of 30c and 36c. This 36c measurement may be thin for gravel, but your goal is to roll with some speed.

Its weight is oscillating and for the measurement of 30c it is 302-314 grams. As for the 36c is 351-403 grams.


Its approximate price is about € 45 unit / US $50


The Ritchey Alpine JB are versatile tires that you can also use on different surfaces. According to users who have tried it, they have a good grip, which is important for the practice of gravel.

As for the sizes, Richey does not have wide tires for 700c. You can only install a thickness of 30c or 35c, but I think it is enough to tackle any type of terrain with some agility.

To finish, you only have tubeless compatibility of the 35c size. For many, this measure is enough to tackle off-road adventures. On my first gravel bike the tires were 32c and I had no problem.


Its approximate price is about € 47 unit / US $53


The Hutchison Overide are covers that have a thin and smooth central band. If they are inflated to high levels, they are tires, according to the users who have tested them, that roll as well as asphalt ones.

Its concept is closer to a reinforced road tire and for use on uneven asphalt roads, than a purely gravel tire.

Only one measure is available: for 700c wheels (no 650b) with 35c or 38c thickness. They have an approximate weight of 375 grams (38c).


Its approximate price is about € 34 unit / US $38


To finish this list, we have the Goodyear Transit Speed tire. Although unlike the others, they may not be so specific for gravel and if for urban cycling, or for cycle-tourism. What we can see is that they are tires with a road philosophy but much wider. The tread is practically smooth. This allows you a certain dynamism on paved roads.

It is a tire with good performance and durability. Personally, I would use it on an urban bicycle, but genres are broken in tastes. In addition, you have several measures for 700c such as 35, 40, 50mm.

This model is available in a tubeless version, or with a camera.


Its approximate price is about € 48 unit / US $54