The Smith Venture helmet is an option that you can use for both your mountain bike and gravel outings. This model stands out because it incorporates the MIPS protection system that will be detailed later. It is within the average price of the range and we consider it a very valid option for the practice of adventure cycling. Below, we detail its key aspects.

How MIPS technology works

“The Smith Venture has MIPS technology, which is a system designed to offer additional protection against rotational movements”

MIPS is a brain protection system designed by surgeons and scientists that seeks to reduce the rotational forces that affect the brain with angled hits. This system provides its greatest benefit when we have an accident that makes us hit our heads at a certain angle and with some rotation or movement. It is not designed to absorb direct or vertical hits.

The MIPS system includes a low friction layer that allows the helmet to move slightly over the head to absorb much more force from the impact, and distribute it throughout its structure, instead of concentrating it all at one point

The MIPS system is designed to offer additional protection against rotational movements. Rotational motion in an impact is a combination of the energy of rotation (angular velocity) and rotational forces (angular acceleration and deceleration) that affect the brain. This system has been scientifically proven to reduce rotational motion by absorbing and redirecting rotational energies and forces transferred to the brain in the event of a hit.

Smith Venture details

The Smith Venture is built, like most high-end models today, using in-mold technology. This type of construction consists of melting the outer shell with EPS polystyrene. The result is a stronger, safer and lighter helmet.

But beyond the materials and its techniques, one aspect stands out in its design: it has 20 very wide openings. This keeps the head slightly cooler. Although in this sense, this characteristic is very personal and the impression of relief due to the entry of air or also due to weather conditions, will depend on each one. In cold weather it could be counterproductive.

As for its adjustment, it works with a closure called VaporFit. That is, it is a system based on a wheel or dial, like most helmets today. But according to users who have tried it, they say that the fit is superior compared to other helmets from different brands. The difference is that it gathers the head very well from the bottom up causing a more enveloping fit. In addition, the strip can be moved in various positions, to further adjust it to the position or size that suits us best.

Inside, this model has an antibacterial layer, which prevents bad odors from being caused by intensive use. Also, it has a good padding and it is somewhat thicker near the head temple.

«Inside, it has a good padding and it is somewhat thicker near the temples»

Another thing I like is that the back is well adjusted to the head. This feature further increases the feeling of a good fit. Also, it looks very compact and bulky, increasing the feeling of security when falling backwards.

«Another thing that I like is that the back is well adjusted to the head and this further increases the feeling of a good fit»

As for the visor, it looks quite elongated compared to some models that I have. This particularity depends on the user’s taste if he prefers a greater or lesser cover. It will depend on how comfortable we feel and above all, if we like to have a wide field of vision or not.

As for weight, in a size M is around 340 grams. Compared to other similar models and other brands, for example the Rudy Project Venger Cross (240 grams) or the specific for gravel Kask Mojito X Peak (220 grams), its weight is somewhat higher. But as I always add, the weight of the components and accessories for the gravel should not, in my opinion, be such a determining factor when making a purchase.

In short, it is a model for cycling that we can use for gravel or MTB, with a very modern appearance and with a price that is not bad compared to other helmets in its category.

Colors and sizes

The Smith Venture MIPS has different colors: Matte Jade, Matte White, Matte Gravy and Matte Black. As for the sizes, you have the following: Small (51-55cm), Medium (55-59cm) and Large (59-63cm).

Features summary

Smith Venture MIPS
o Lightweight In-Mold structure
o MIPS system available in all colors
o 20 optimized vents
o Ultra-light single-layer inner fabric
o Weight (Size M, MIPS) 340 grams
o Three Sizes: S, M and L

Price and where to buy it

Its official price is €110.00.

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