YouTubers are in fashion and you surely follow several of your interest. That being the case, the direct and blunt question is do you follow or know YouTubers Gravel? Surely the answer is yes, but do you know everyone? Impossible. But which ones are the best? It all depends.

To answer these questions somewhat, generate some debate and expand your options, I share with you those who, in my opinion, are the best Gravel and Semi-Gravel YouTubers (partially address the issue).

But before that, I share some notes. First, I have little more than two years of discovering this new cycling modality. And I say “new” because road cycling and MTB are decades old. Its origin is under discussion but, according to specialists, it points to the end of the first decade of this century. Today it is booming in certain countries.

Second, since then I have not stopped watching videos (and pages, blogs, etc.) about gravel, so you can imagine the video recommendations that YouTube offers me. Third, two years ago I bought my first gravel and last August my second (my MTB is abandoned). I reviewed both of them and you can find them here at I have done some gravel tours, although not as much as I would like. A shame.

So, based on this brief gravel experience, I describe the ones that, for now, and in my opinion are the best Gravel YouTubers.  

1) Dustin Klein: living la vida loca

This “gravelista” is located in the state of Oregon (USA). Dustin is for me one of the most creative not only in the production of his videos, but also in his dialogues. His comments are ironic, humorous and self-conscious. It has a website where he sells some products for cyclists. His bikes are various, and I have not discovered which one is his favorite. One of his slogans is “the ride by the numbers …” with which he describes the distance, time and height of his routes. He is a nice guy you want to have a couple of beers with. It has just over 35,500 subscribers and more than 190 published videos. You can also follow him on Strava and Instagram, like all the following gravelistas.  

2) Rides of Japan (Tobias Olfsson): Weight Weenie

As the name of his channel indicates, Tobias is a Nordic (Sweden?) Who lives in Japan, specifically in the Tokyo metropolitan area. His obsession is to keep his beautiful blue Open UP gravel always impeccable, but above all to reduce its weight, which is already around 7.5kgs! Tobias, along with Dustin, are the most creative and best camera operators, presenting beautiful scenes from where they pedal. Also Tobias, who has been making videos for years, uses a drone to film the beauty of Japan and his adventures. I don’t miss the weekly video that usually posts over the weekend. It has more than 40,700 subscribers and its increase is constant. If I was the director of GCN, I would hire him immediately to add him to the team of presenters. Tobias, like Dustin, has so many good videos that it’s hard to recommend any. You can follow him on Strava and Instagram.  

3) Clint Gibbs; seriousness in the gravel world

Clint is one of the veteran YouTubers who has produced over ¡645 videos! more than Dustin and Tobias together, though not all gravel. He is also one of the YouTubers Gravel with most subscribers (92,500). His communication style is more serious and formal than the two cyclists mentioned above, but it is not boring to watch his videos. Clint also tends to film MTB bikes. In general, his focus is mechanics and tips on how to perform better. Occasionally he does some bike reviews that manufacturers provide him, but most of the time he uses his own bikes to produce his videos. His current gravel bike is a Niner RLT9 RDO and previously a Giant Revolt Advanced 0. Clint lives in Georgia, USA.

4) Gravel Cyclist (JOM): 100% gravel

JOM (it is his nickname and I have not been able to decipher his name) is an Australian based in Florida, USA, who travels all over the country on gravel routes and most of his videos focus on this. He also frequently reviews gravel bikes and components provided by manufacturers. Some of his latest videos cover his travels in Australia, where he spent the southern summer. He uses so many gravel bikes that I do not know which one belongs to him. He has produced many videos (more than 430) and I do not miss his productions, as he usually gives good technical tips to be a better gravelista. He is the only YouTuber that I know that is focused 100% on the gravel modality. He’s done the awesome Dirty Kanza 200 (DK200) route / tour / competition three times. By the way, the 200 means 200 miles (320km) of pedaling in a single day.

5) Ted King: the professional gravelista

Unlike the previously mentioned, Ted is a professional gravelista who is paid to pedal and who competes to win gravel routes / competitions. Produce few videos on YouTube compared to Dustin, Tobias Clint or JOM, but being a professional runner presents you with a perspective that the previous gravelistas lack. He is the winner of the Dirty Kanza – 200 and his headquarters is Vermont (USA), although he travels all over the USA training, competing in gravel and organizing events in this modality. Ted uses the Cannondale SuperX, a cyclocross bike, for his gravel competitions. Sometimes it uses the Topstone Carbon, but it gives me the impression that it is more by pressure of the brand that sponsor him, so he gives publicity to this new bicycle model. His latest videos are of high quality as he has a professional graphic video that he shoots while he is pedaling. And his last video is about a 500 km route he made crossing the state of Vermont. It took him around 20 hours. Quite a feat.

6) Juliet Elliot; women pedal gravel too

With more than 180 videos and 48,300 subscribers, Juliet is also an established cyclist like YouTuber and one of the few women in this virtual world. Analyzing the history of her videos, you realize that she started on a road bike but lately she has pedaled more on gravel. In fact not too long ago she bought herself a new gravel bike; Marin Headlands. I just discovered Juliet and sometimes, during her filming, she interacts with her little daughter, giving the channel a familiar touch. Its location is UK. The focus of her videos is to review her bikes and their components. It also does the same with products that sponsors provide her.

7) Path Less Pedaled: far west gravel

Russ Roca lives in Portland, Oregon, and is the protagonist of this channel. He mainly focuses on gravel bikes and bike trips. By the way, in 2009 he and his ¿wife? crossed the USA in this form of transportation and sometimes he often makes short trips which he reports on his channel. It has more than 71,300 subscribers. He also covers expo or events related with bikes. He is a guy with a nice and simple character.  

Other Gravel or Semi-Gravel YouTubers and more

There are many other cycling YouTubers focused on gravel (Ty´s Rides, Dylan Johnson, etc), road bikes and MTB bikes. YouTube offers something for everyone and from all approaches; from traveling by bike to virtual cycling (or whatever it is called), occasionally passing through gravel. Some that stand out are Shane Miller (GPLama), Francis Cade, Danny MacAskill (bicycle acrobat) and Seth´s Bike Hacks, perhaps the most popular cyclist YouTuber with an incredible figure of 1.83 million subscribers, although I am not one of them. He used to be, but his subjects are no longer of interest to me as he focuses mostly on MTB.

I end by pointing out that anyone can be a YouTuber (everyone decides how much) and share personal experiences with our gravel bike or of any kind (I have done it myself). So, ready to be a gravel YouTuber?