The Polish brand Rondo has interesting and well-worked gravel models with different types of materials (carbon, steel, titanium, and aluminum). And this time we describe the Ruut AL2 as being an option made of aluminum.

Below we detail its key aspects and as always, we encourage you to make your contributions.

Frame detail

The frame of the Rondo Ruut AL2, as we have mentioned in the introduction, is made of aluminum. Specifically, the brand has opted for the AL6061-T6 alloy. This alloy is very widespread in the cycling world both for the creation of frames and components of all kinds. Normally, they are products with a good quality at a contained price.

« The frame of the Rondo Ruut AL2 is made of aluminum with the alloy AL6061-T6. It does not add color details, but it does add it to the fork»

If we look closely at the bicycle, like many frames worked with the same material, its welds are very visible. There are some models made of aluminum that the joints are usually quite concealed or polished. This is not the case of the Ruut AL2 frame. Although it is a more visual than functional aspect and we should not worry.

«The welds on the frame are highly visible. For some they are attractive because it makes them look more solid»

Regarding its geometry, it does not have a sloping or excessive upper tube drop. The model itself has a physiognomy closer to a road bike than one for mountain biking. Nor are its tubes not excessively oversized like other aluminum options. These have quite classic shapes and next to the color of the bicycle it resembles a model made of titanium.

« Its geometry is traditional, being closer to a road bike than one for mountain biking. Its right chainstay is dropped to facilitate mounting of wide tires»

If I have to highlight something about the frame, it is that the head tube looks short (especially in small sizes) and the lower chainstays are asymmetrical. This last aspect, inherited from mountain biking, seeks a better torsion and lateral rigidity of the bicycle. Lately we usually see this type of design on some gravel bikes. Also, this aspect causes that we can install wheels of a size of 650b with tires with a thickness up to 50mm. For the measurement of 700c the maximum width is 40mm.

« The head tube looks short (especially in small sizes) and the lower chainstays are asymmetrical. The right one is dropped»

Another of the characteristics that we must mention is that its carbon fork has a click (TwinTip) on its axis that allows you to vary the height of the bicycle or its own geometry. That is, the result is that we can customize the placement in two ways: a lower and more agile cyclocross type compared to a geometry where the rider’s position is more upright and more relaxed.

I personally think that the latter will allow us to go more relaxed, especially when we face long-term trips.

« The fork is carbon and has a click (TwinTip) on its axis that allows you to vary the height of the bicycle or its own geometry»

One of the aspects that provides the greatest sensation of visual cleanliness is that the arrangement of the cables is presented internally. These enter both the down tube and its fork. Sin embargo, y como sucede en la mayoría de las bicicletas de aluminio. However, as with most aluminum bikes, the cables are external in the chainstays area.

« The cables go through both the lower tube and its fork. However, the cables are external in the chainstays area»

Perhaps what I miss is that the frame does not have added welds for the installation of a third bottle cage, or for the placement of a bikepacking bag. In this sense, you have the superior model called Ruut AL1 that does have additional grommets. It does have holes in its rear pods for the installation of a rear rack or fenders.

Finally, I have left the fork design for last. This one looks quite thick and with a very current straight cut. It is, as you can see, a tapered steerer fork


The Ruut AL2 comes standard with the 11-speed SRAM Apex 1 single chainring. Little to say about this set that is focused on adventure bikes. As I have said on other occasions, I am an Apex user and I find it above all quite easy to use. The fact that it only has a change lever simplifies its use.

Complementing the Apex 1 is a 42-tooth chainring paired with a large 11/42 cassette. It is a focused combination to off-road cycling. If you come from road cycling, you may have a feeling of lack of speed if you enter paved roads. Therefore, their “habitat” are forest tracks, gravel roads or dry dirt roads.

« It has a 42t chainring combined with an 11 / 42t cassette. A focused combination to off-road cycling »

One of the curious things is that the model bets on Juin Tech F1 (hybrid) brakes. These allow you to have a hydraulic braking solution without having to make any changes to the bike’s mechanical kit.


Like some Rondo models, the peripherals (handlebars, stem, seatpost) are from the brand itself. These are aluminum components that meet the objective of keeping the bike at a good price.

As for the saddle, it is from the “Fabric” brand and the model is specifically the Scoop Flat. As I already mentioned in a past post about an analyzed model of the brand, I would advise, if you are going to use this model for crossings of several days, place an “antiprostatic” in order to feel more comfortable

Wheels and tires

The wheels, like most of its components are provided by Rondo itself. They are of a size of 700c. As I mentioned in the “intro” you can also locate 650b wheels.

As for the tires, it has the 40c WTB Nano. These tires have a design similar to those of Mountain Bike through a profile with studs. The ones on the sides are widely separated, which increases grip, especially when cornering.


  • Model: Rondo Ruut AL2
  • Modality: Gravel in general.
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Fork: Carbon
  • Drivetrain: SRAM Apex 1 11 speed
  • Chainring: 1 42t
  • 11 / 42t cassette.
  • Components: Aluminum.
  • Tires: WTB Nano 700 × 40 mm.
  • Compatibility: 650b wheels.


The Rondo Ruut AL2 is the brand’s most affordable model. In general, it is a very versatile gravel bike. This is because it allows us to install either 650b or 700c wheels.

The included Sram Apex 1 behaves properly without being as smooth as a Shimano set. Its developments, based on a 42-tooth chainring and a large 11 / 42t cassette, allow you to cover all types of terrain.

As for the price, it is not the cheapest model in relation to its type of frame and components. Although, it is a very good-looking bike with general sensations.


Its price at Wiggle is Wiggle es de 1.669,00 € or US $1,959 (Note: It has a special price at this moment, US $1,522.80)

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