The Open brand offers us a bicycle alternative to cover any type of terrain, and especially the most technical ones. It is not the only one of its kind (last week we introduced you to the LW-2 Gravel Monster), but it is a bike that is at the top of the range due to its carbon frame and the components it includes. This is their recent model called WI.DE. (Winding Detours).

This new alternative allows us to install truly wide tires, but also of a “standard” size (35c-40c).

As a particularity, the Open Wide is designed for 1x transmissions and depending on the assembly you have different prices, although its most basic level is in price above even the high levels of other brands. In other words, Open bikes (any of its options) are for large wallets. Next, we detail its key aspects.

Bike details

The Open UP already stood out for being a gravel model that allowed us to place large tires (27.5 x 2.10”). But its new model, the Wi.De., further increases the possibility of locating a larger measure. Specifically, you can mount for a size of 650b tires up to 2.4″, or if you want to go something more agile you can locate for a size of 700c tires up to 46 mm. With this, a very versatile bicycle is achieved that can go through very technical terrain although without becoming, for obvious reasons, an MTB.

« The Open Wi.De. allows you to mount 650b size tires with width up to 2.4″, or 700c and up to 46c wide»

In addition to fitting really wide tires, we can obviously continue to install 40-35mm tires for a more rolling gravel. Now, the 700c x 46mm size does not stand out from other bike options. For example, the Giant Revolt accepts 700c x 45mm tires.

Beyond these data related to the possibilities of sizes of wheels and tires, the Wi.De. is a bike built under an impressive carbon frame. One of its highlights is that it has a geometry close to a road model (its sloping is noticeably light), but it adds concepts for the practice of gravel. Given its geometry, the posture when riding the bike is more aero.

« The Wide has a very moderate sloping or fall of the upper tube, compared to other options»

Another thing that characterizes this model is that it is designed to locate 1x transmissions. That is, it is compatible with the Shimano GRX 1x, SRAM Force AXS and Red AXS 1x, SRAM Apex1, Rival1 and Force1 drivetrains. All of these transmissions accept large cassettes. Perhaps, due to its characteristics of a much more technical gravel and close to a mountain bike, a double chainring transmission is not suitable for this type of bicycle.

Continuing with its peculiarities, I have to add the design of its chainstays. These are thin and have a very pronounced drop and attached to the bottom bracket as the same block. It is perceived as a very rigid solution and at the same time, as we have commented, it allows to locate larger sizes of tires.

By the way, its seatstays are not dropped, but rather follow the line of the top tube. This is a design that is gradually becoming kind of obsolete, even on some models of road bikes. Even so, the design of the frame is beautiful.

« The bike, like all current and carbon models, has internal wiring. This gives it a clean look»

But apart from this particularity, the bicycle can be prepared as a touring model, or to locate cargo. In addition to the usual bottle cage eyelets, you have one on the lower tube to install an additional third bottle. It is even possible to place a toolbox under the bottom bracket. This is a unique feature of the WIDE that we have not seen on other gravel bikes.

It also has two welds on the top of the upper tube to install a bikepacking bag. As you can read, it is very complete in terms of loading possibilities.

« The bottom bracket shell is so droopy that it is possible to place a toolbox under it, in addition to the one that traditionally goes on the down tube»

Another aspect of this model is that it has 12mm thru-axles (100x12mm front and 142x12mm rear), just like most gravel bikes these days.

As for the weight of the frame, it gives us a scarce 1,040 grams and the fork, only 390 grams. Therefore, the total figure does not reach two kilos. This data has nothing to envy of any road model built in carbon.

Components and prices

If you want to ride a bike à la carte with your favorite 1x group, buying only this frame together with the fork costs approximately € 3,199.00 or US $ 3,775. Kit includes seat post clamp, thru axles, 2 temples, and sleeve stops (1x, Di2, eTap).

As for the price of this bicycle with an example assembly, to have an idea and always depending on the components and group, it is by no means a cheap option. For example, a WIDE with SRAM Force eTap AXS with SRAM Eagle eTap AXS derailleur, with 42t single chainring and 10-50t cassette, SRAM Force HRD brakes, Easton components (handlebar, stem and seatpost), DT Swiss GRC 1400 SPLINE DB wheels and Schwalbe Rock Razor 2.35″ tires, it costs approximately € 5,900.00 or US $ 6,900, an unattainable price for many of us.

« Normally the Open Wide assemblies usually go with high-end groups, but we can also assemble any 1x group with a more contained price»


  • Model: Open Wi.De.
  • Modality: Technical Gravel and Gravel Plus.
  • Frame: Carbon
  • Fork: Carbon.
  • Wiring: Internal.
  • Drivetrain: SRAM Force eTap AXS with 12 speeds.
  • Chainring: SRAM Force 42t
  • Cassette: SRAM Eagle Polar 10 – 50 12 speed.
  • Components: Easton.
  • Tires: Schwalbe Rock Razor 2.35 ″.
  • Wheels: DT Swiss GRC 1400 SPLINE DB.
  • Compatibility: 700c or 650b.
  • Approximate price: € 5,900.00 or US $ 6,900

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Post by: VGL. Translation: JVD.