With a new Lefty gravel-specific suspension fork and Bosch power, the award-winning Topstone Carbon gravel bikes are now more off-road capable and on-road comfortable than ever

Wilton, Conn.– May 27, 2020 – Cannondale, a premium brand of Dorel Industries, Inc. (TSX: DII.B, DII.A), today released three new gravel bikes – Topstone Carbon Lefty, Topstone Neo Carbon and Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty. The Topstone Carbon Lefty takes the playful, genre-blurring, boost-off-everything spirit of the legendary Cannondale Slate and pushes it to a whole new level by adding the all-new, built for gravel Lefty Oliver fork, while Topstone Neo Carbon and Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty are where e-bikes and gravel meet to create the ultimate in mixed surface capability and fun.

Topstone Carbon Lefty

Topstone Carbon Lefty is a high-performance gravel bike like no other. Cannondale has taken its groundbreaking KingPin rear suspension system and complemented it with the new gravel-specific Lefty Oliver fork and fat 650b wheels to create a new kind of gravel bike; one that lets riders push it harder and ride smoother than ever before.

“The Topstone Carbon Lefty is a gravel with unprecedented performance. Cannondale has combined its innovative KingPin rear suspension system with the new Lefty Oliver fork.”

Cannondale Lefty Oliver Suspension

Cannondale’s Lefty Oliver is a super light, single-crown suspension fork, built specifically for gravel riding. It has 30mm of bump-smoothing travel that rolls on the same type of needle bearing internals as its burlier XC racing cousin, Lefty Ocho, providing unparalleled smoothness and steering precision under any load. Lefty Oliver’s new Chamber damper was also designed to minimize bobbing or diving for a super-efficient and smooth feel on or off road. For maximum efficiency, it features an easy-to-use lockout with a blow off circuit, so it can still absorb impacts even when locked, keeping riders in control. And, for ease of use, Lefty Oliver features a new, tool-free, StopLock brake mount, designed for flat mount calipers, that makes removing the front wheel fast and easy.

“The Lefty Oliver from Cannondale is a super light single deck suspension fork designed specifically for gravel. It has a smooth 30 millimeter travel.”

Topstone Electric Model Options

And, Cannondale didn’t stop there. Reasoning that everything is more fun with power, they’ve introduced Bosch-powered e-bike versions of the Topstone Carbon, called Topstone Neo Carbon and Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty.

“Cannodole has introduced two new electric versions of the Topstone Carbon, with Bosch engines: the Topstone Neo Carbon and the Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty”

These bikes take all the features of the Topstone Carbon gravel bikes and add class-leading e-bike drive systems from Bosch to create powerful, go-anywhere, do-anything adventure machines with unreal riding qualities and a range of up to 127km (79 miles).

“Electric Topstone Carbon equips Bosch motors, the leader in e-bike motors, with a range of up to 127 km”


Topstone Neo Carbon is available in two frame and bike configurations – a 700c-wheel version featuring a rigid carbon fork, and a 650b wheel version with the new Lefty Oliver. Topstone Neo Carbon (700c) offers the ultimate blend of efficiency, speed and comfort from the blacktop to rugged backroads. The 700c wheels and rigid carbon fork give Topstone Neo Carbon a nimble yet stable feel both on- and off-road. Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty (650b) features Lefty Oliver up front, KingPin suspension in the rear, and the grip and maneuverability of 650x47c tires. It has the capability to take skilled riders deeper off the beaten path than any other gravel bike, but it also provides the most comfortable and confident ride possible for all riders on more ordinary terrain. With the power and range of the Bosch e-bike systems, these machines deliver a one-of-a-kind riding experience that redefines gravel fun.

The new Topstone Carbon Lefty line-up features four models, including one women’s specific model.  The unisex models will be available in XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes and the women’s spec model will be available in XS, S and M. Topstone Neo Carbon will feature two 650b Lefty Oliver models as well as two 700c models and both versions will be available in S, M, L and XL sizes.


Precios Topstone Carbon Lefty*
  • Topstone Carbon Lefty 1:  7.499 €
  • Topstone Carbon Lefty 2: 3.799 €
  • Topstone Carbon Lefty 3: 3.799 €
  • Topstone Carbon Lefty 3 Women’s: 3.799 €
Precios Topstone Neo Carbon (versión eléctrica)*
  • Topstone Neo Carbon 1 Lefty:  8.999 €
  • Topstone Neo Carbon 2: 6.299 €
  • Topstone Neo Carbon 3 Lefty: 5.799 €
  • Topstone Neo Carbon 4: 4.499 €
* More specifications of Groups and assemblies on the website of Cannodale.

More information

For more information on the all-new Topstone, visit www.cannondale.com.  Be sure to also follow Cannondale on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.