If you are looking for affordable pedals for “SPD” cleats and with a somewhat large platform, now you have a new option for your gravel or touring bicycle. The Japanese brand Shimano offers you an interesting option at a contained price. They are the PD-ME700. Below we detail its key aspects.

PD-ME700 Pedal / 47.99 €

Sometimes choosing a pedal for your gravel bike is an important decision. For example, I have installed mixed ones (Shimano EH500) that allow me to go with SPD cleats, or simply with a platform. They are a very versatile solution that also gives me a lot of security.

In this sense, I always advise you for gravel to opt for a pedal option for mountain biking or mixed pedal. Even flat pedals with pins. What I do not recommend is that you install road pedals, since they are not appropriate for this kind of cycling, in which sometimes you must walk on difficult terrain. In short, the recommended choice are those options that allow you to get down to ground with some security and quickly.

« The Shimano PD-ME 700 are perfect to use with your MTB shoes and with your usual SPD cleats»

The new Shimano PD-ME 700 can be a good choice for adventure cycling. On the one hand, they are double-sided adjusting pedals. Obviously, the cleats that you should use with this option are the SPD. They come with the SM-SH51 and in terms of anchoring and unhooking, they are quite easy to use. Also, something particularly important is that you can customize the adjustment force. I always wear them a little loose (I am that insecure!).

This pedal replaces the PD-M530, but now it offers us a slightly wider platform of 7.7 mm and a raised rear part of the body that brings 12% more surface contact with the shoe. Consequently, I see them as a better option for gravel or even touring.

The surface is made of aluminum and the shaft is made of steel. Quite common materials in this type of pedals of contained price.

« These pedals offer a wider 7.7mm platform and a raised rear part of the body that brings 12% more surface contact with the shoe»

Its weight is somewhat high compared to more minimalist models: 540 grams per pair. Unless you are a weight Winnie, these may not be your best choice. Although, as I always add, I consider that gravel is not a discipline where weight is something so important.

The PD-ME700 pedals are only available in black, ensuring that they match any bicycle color. They will be available in stores from September.


They have an approximate price of 47.99 €.


The PD-ME700 pedals are a very valid option for various disciplines such as gravel, touring or MTB. Therefore, it is a very versatile and economical option, although somewhat heavy.

The best thing is its wide surface, which gives you a plus of contact compared to other versions.

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