3T recently launched a new gravel bike whose streamlined design makes it stand out; Exploro RaceMax. Well, such a bicycle comes equipped in some of its models with a new specific handlebar that adapts to its design.

It is “Aeroghiaia”, worked in carbon and with a very «racing» line. Next, I detail its key aspects.

Detail of the 3T Aeroghiaia

3T Aeroghiaia Carbon Handlebar

The Aeroghiaia is not the brand’s first carbon gravel handlebar. In fact, the Superghiaia already existed. Well, this new specific bar stands out unlike the previous one because it is more focused on competition, or for those looking for fast driving and avoiding wind resistance as much as possible.

« Do you want a handlebar with the least wind resistance? Aeroghiaia is perhaps the answer»

If you look at this handlebar, we will see that it has a very aerodynamic design highlighting its practically flat top. In fact, it is a mix of the Aeroflux handlebar top with the hooks of the Superghiaia.

« The straight part of the handlebar is completely flat. Would you put tape on it? »

As you can see in the photos, the horizontal bar is really wide. This causes the user to be quite comfortable when they have their hands on it. But on the contrary, it minimizes the possibility of installing accessories. Although it is not its purpose either since this component is oriented to the practice of a sportier gravel.

Another thing to note is that its horns, unlike other designs, have different openings or flare (multi-flare). On the one hand, the upper segment of the horns has an opening of only 7 degrees. So, the brake and shift levers are not overly tilted like other adventure bike handlebars. Then as they go down the opening is widened to 35 degrees. This allows us to have greater control on terrain with some difficulty, or descents.

Like all handlebars of this level, it has holes for internal cable routing. Therefore, they will not bother you at all since their shape will be quite clean.

« Cable routing is internal, as is often the case at this level of handlebars. »

As for the weight, being a carbon handlebar, it is very light. In fact, we are talking about only 207 grams for size 44. In addition, you have three sizes (40, 42 and 44).


Obviously, it has a price that is available to very few: 349.00 €.


The 3T Aeroghiaia carbon gravel handlebar is a good option for those users who are looking to lose weight on their bike and are looking to make a much sportier gravel.

Its flared shape allows us to have greater control over difficult areas and even descent. Therefore, it is a mixture of a racing and adventure handlebar.

Like all high-quality carbon components, its price is quite expensive. There are other similar options somewhat cheaper, but they do not have this specific and aerodynamic design.

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