3T presents us with a new option for gravel called Exploro RaceMax. In fact, this new bicycle becomes a more versatile choice than the Exploro model, since it allows us to configure a greater number of tire sizes.

Therefore, it seems that the trend of several brands is to offer us much more versatile models that can cover more types of terrain and with aerodynamic designs.

Detail of the new Exploro RaceMax

3t Exploro Race Versión 700c

As I mentioned, the initial Exploro combined the aerodynamics of a road bike with the possibility of having larger tires. The new Exploro RaceMax now offers us a more extreme option of design, even more that that one of Cervelo´s Aspero. Its frame is completely new to offer us a little more variability in the options of tires and wheels.

« The new Exploro RaceMax offers us a more extreme option in terms of design. Its frame is very aerodynamic»

This model stands out for having a carbon frame that allows us to go with some agility both on asphalt terrain and off the road. In fact, now you have the possibility to configure it with 700c wheels, or for a more extreme gravel with 650b measurements.

«700c or 650b wheels? It is up to you. The RaceMax accepts both measures»

Therefore, the brand offers us different RaceMax options. For 700c wheels, 35c measurement rims (Race model). With this type of configuration, the user will “fly” both on forest tracks in good condition and on asphalt routes. Personally, this is the option that convinces me the most since I see it more suitable for my tastes.

« The Exploro Race model offers you the possibility to install tires for 700c wheels with tires up to 42c wide»

But if your thing is to roll on more steep or technical roads, you have the option of the Max model with 650b wheels and 57c wide tires. Surely this option may not convince you, since many of you will wonder what mountain biking is for. But in this sense, there are many cyclists who like to venture on somewhat more complicated trails with gravel bikes.

Do you like to roll on steeper or technical roads? you have the option of the Max model with 650b wheels and 57c wide tires»

If you want even wider tires than those included in its Max version (57c), then you can do it, as it accepts up to 61c with 650b wheels. The previous model supported a maximum of 54c.

If we return to the aerodynamic aspect of this bicycle, we have to look at the different thicknesses of the frame. It highlights its new large down tube that was widened and practically covers the thickness of the wheel. Therefore, it improves its resistance against the wind.

The seat tube is outlined in a “D” shape, causing the rear wheel to be “inserted” into it. This is a characteristic of speed bikes. The seatstays are dropped and too wide to allow for the thickness of the 61c tire, bringing the bike set to a very current aesthetic.

« The RaceMax will attract attention for its design, which for many may be too radical. Its down tube has been widened to cover the thickness of the front wheel when using 650b tires with 61c.

If we focus on the adjustment of the seatpost, it is through a Ritchey bolt, which is somewhat easier to install.

Another thing to note is that this model has different eyelets to locate three bottle cages. Two in the usual positions and one in the lower part of the downtube. In addition, it is also possible to locate a bag in the top side of the upper tube since you have two specific eyelets.

« Enjoy this video … gravel is wonderful»

Of course, and like all current bikes, the frame features internal wiring. This gives it a much cleaner look visually. Also, it prevents the cables from getting dirty or damaged by the elements.

As for the fork, like the original Exploro, it also has a flat design to increase the aerodynamics of the bicycle. It has a straight shape like the current forks. Like the rest of the frame, it is made of carbon and is fully integrated into the frame.

A new way to measure tire thickness

If we have to highlight something differential, it is that the brand suggests for a correct choice of tires two new concepts or measures: WAM (Width As Measured) and RAM (Radius As Measured). In shorth, both values (WAM and RAM) give us the exact information on the width of the tire, even if its width is reported on the tire itself.

« 3T introduces two new measures with the Exploro RaceMax design: WAM (Width As Measured) and RAM (Radius As Measured), will other brands adopt them? »

If you want to learn more about both concepts, we recommend you read the explanation given by the Cyclingtips colleagues.


3T bikes are not cheap, so they are in the price range of brands like Cervelo, OPEN, Santa Cruz or Niner. On the manufacturer’s website you have the different prices of this impressive bicycle.

As an example, the frame comes out to you for around € 3,199.00 and a complete bike with Shimano GRX single-chainring for a price of € 4,199.00.

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