For all those who want to ride a custom bike, or increase the cassette range, you have an interesting and economical solution. This is the Microshift Advent X group for MTB with shifters for gravel or road handlebars.

Without a doubt, Shimano and Sram are still the kings, but the entry of Microshift is more than welcome. Below we detail this set and we encourage you as always to provide your comments on it.

Microshift Advent X detail for gravel

Microshift groupset

Many of you in a review have asked me if it is possible to install a groupset with cassette beyond 11/42 or 11 / 46t (Shimano GRX) for a gravel bike.

Well, it is possible. With Microshift Advent X you can do it. This is a 10-speed groupset for mountain biking that allows you to install a large cassette with shifters specifically for drop bars or road handlebars. In this way you can have a broader development than usual with an 11 / 48t cassette.

This groupset focused on 1x transmissions, has a series of components that can be summed up in a set of levers, a rear derailleur, and a cassette. Below, I detail the ideal settings for a custom option for gravel bikes.


The shifters have a similarity at the design level with the Shimano road shifters from a few years ago. The brake cables are hidden under the handlebar tape, as is normal, but the rear derailleur cables are presented externally.

Aesthetically it is not the best option compared to the lever options of the Shimano GRX or Sram 1x. But personally, this option is valid for the functional contribution that can give you a greater range of development beyond its visual aspect.

According to the users who have tried them, they are shifters that feel comfortable thanks to their ergonomics and also, they adapt quite well to any handlebar. Even those bars with flared drop, or with a generous flare.

One of the drawbacks is that they only work for mechanical brake discs. But I must add that this is not a great inconvenience because the group is designed for bicycles that their cost is not excessive.

As for the weight, the pair gives us an acceptable 381 grams. Therefore, it is a fairly light option.

Rear derailleur

Obviously, here we use the derailleur for mountain bikes but with the shifters previously described. This rear derailleur allows you to combine it with a maximum chainring of 46 or 48 teeth. I think I would install it with one not exceeding 44t.

As for the weight is 313 grams (aluminum version). A somewhat higher figure compared to other derailleurs such as the Shimano XT (234 grams). There is also a version of this derailleur with the cage material in steel and which is somewhat heavier (399g).


This is where we take advantage of other gravel specific group versions. In fact, with the Shimano GRX we only have the possibility of installing cassettes with configurations up to 11 / 46t. Unless we opt for solutions outside the major brands where we can install larger cassettes with specific adapters. An example is the variety of solutions to use cassettes of up to 50 teeth that this bikepacking page offers us in a detailed article.

Well, thanks to Microshift, a Taiwanese brand, with Advent X we have a great cassette with 11/48 teeth where we are going to have a lot of play. His weight is not bad either: 424 grams.


  • Shifters: approx. € 149.99 or US $175
  • Aluminum rear derailleur: approx. € 62.99 or US $75
  • Cassette: approx. € 67.99 or US $80
  • Set: approx.  € 280.97 or US $330

More information and if you want to see them working I recommend you watch the video of Path Less Pedaled.

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