Since Dirty Kanza announced that its legendary 200-mile route would not take place on May 30 due to COVID19, many gravel cyclists preparing for such an event or others like it have been disoriented. Even those of us who do not have the legs to participate in events like this are left unmotivated.

And to fill that hopeless hole, former professional cyclist and today gravel player Laurens ten Dam is inviting cyclists to do their own competition under the Dirty Kanzelled initiative.

To put it seriously, Laurens defined rules that must be followed given the current context of the health crisis. There is also the opportunity to win prizes thanks to the support of sponsors.

This event will take place on the same day, May 30. Obviously, you define the route, but it must cover certain distances and be mostly gravel.

Some of the rules are as follows:

DISTANCE: 100 or 200 miles. Do not make any unnecessary travels, if you do not have too. And try to include as much gravel as possible.

START: 6.00 am sharp

RACE: This is not a race. Speed and time do not matter so play it safe. Participating in Dirty Kanzelled is at your own risk.

FOOD: Self-supported for the greatest part. Just like in the real event, you can have a maximum of two rest stops for restocking on your food or drinks, but please check your local COVID-19 rules.

COMPANY: ride solo or in pairs (check your local COVID-19 rules to see if small groups are allowed by then)

PARTY: make sure you celebrate afterwards! You did a great job so have a small beer…

COMMUNITY: It would be a shame if you completed this monster of a ride without anyone noticing. So tagging is essential. On Instagram: tag using #dirtykanzelled so we can see your pictures.

If you want to sign up for this initiative, click here. If you do, we wish you the best.