Unfortunately, in the first half of the year, and due to COVID-19, countless gravel events were canceled in practically all those countries where this cycling discipline has a presence.

However, some cycling activities and events gradually begin to revive with all possible care.

One of these events is Gravelers, which will take place in the municipality of Brunete, located 30 kilometers from Madrid, Spain, on Saturday July 25.

The organizers of Gravelers want to make this event “the reference of Gravel in Spain, not only as a sporting event, but as a great festival.”

Various sponsors participate in the organization of the event, one of them being SanferBike, one of the main bicycle shops in Spain, who will be collaborating with the aid stations and offering an emergency Technical Service prior to the start of the race, so that no one stays without participating for any unforeseen last minute.

The event is about more than just a race because, as previously mentioned, it aims to be the festival of reference for the world of Gravel in Spain with a complete calendar of activities.

Within the festival, the adventure cycling test stands out, where the challenge is to share an experience and explore personal limits on a route of 70 or 42 kilometers. It is not a great distance but given the current conditions, the event will serve to recharge those who participate in it with energy and emotions.

In addition, the sports event will end with a great barbecue and a concert, always respecting the basic sanitary measures of the new normal.

Places are limited.

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