On many occasions we do not know whether to select a pure mountain bike helmet, or a more aerodynamic road model. In fact, the versatility of gravel allows you to choose different products from different disciplines.

This time we present you the new Giant model: Rev Pro Mips. It is a focused model to compete, but if you are looking for a high-quality option you can use it even for more relaxed outings. Below, we detail its key aspects

Helmet detail

It has been a year since this helmet appeared on the scene in the professional peloton and some mountain and gravel cycling races. After this time, the model has been redesigned while maintaining its lightness and ventilation, but prioritizing aerodynamics this time.

Consequently, Giant has worked precisely in the wind tunnel, improving air resistance and without sacrificing safety. Therefore, you should not worry about whether it will protect you enough since it is a noticeably light model.

Giant has worked in the wind tunnel improving air resistance but without sacrificing safety

Another thing I like about this model is that the brand does not frame it as an option for a single discipline. But we can use it, as I have already remarked, in road cycling, MTB or gravel.

This model can be used for both road, MTB and gravel.

Returning to safety, the helmet has an integrated MIPS system. For those who do not know this manufacturing technique, it is a brain protection system designed by surgeons and scientists that seeks to reduce the rotational forces that affect the brain with angled blows. When we have an accident in which we hit our heads, generally the blow is not direct and perfectly vertical, but the head hits us at a certain angle and with certain rotation or movement.

In this situation, the MIPS system includes a low friction layer that allows the helmet to move slightly over the head to absorb much more force from the impact, and distribute it throughout its structure, instead of concentrating it all at one point.

The MIPS system includes a low friction layer that allows the helmet to move slightly over the head to absorb much more force from the impact.

Among other characteristics that stand out are new Aero Vent channels for maximum ventilation and aerodynamics, Cinch Pro back closure for a better fit, LiteForm straps and TransTextura Plus anti-microbial pads for greater comfort.

Characteristics to highlight

1. A helmet with good ventilation: If you are worried about being hot, I think this model is a good choice. The helmet has wide channels. Personally, this is the aspect that I like the most since there are models that look very closed. In fact, it presents 20 entrances for the air to run. These look quite wide so that you have a feeling of freshness. Especially now in summer. Now, if you have little hair or you are a bald, you may have to wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

2. Quite light: Although I could not find the figure, presumably it should be around 250 grams considering the previous Rev MIPS model (270 grams). If we compare it with high-end helmets, for example the Mojito X Peak (220 grams) or the Abus Aventor (260 grams) we are talking about very similar figures.

3. Good safety: It is a safe helmet since it is made with in-mold technology with an EPS shell. This type of construction present in the higher-level helmets as I have commented on some occasion, consists of melting the outer shell with EPS polyester. The result is a stronger, safer, and lighter helmet.

4. Excellent fit: This is not a novelty, but the systems with dial or adjustment dial allow you greater security. Therefore, you can customize the pressure to your liking to feel more secure. In addition, we must add that the system allows you to adjust or customize the position with five options.

5. Inner foam with different densities: The lower density foam in the upper level allows the helmet to better mitigate the energy found in low speed impacts, while the higher density foam in the lower area attenuates the collisions of high speed.

6. Antimicrobial Pad: Advanced natural tissues fight bacteria growth by removing sweat from the head and inhibiting odor build-up.

Price and sizes

The new Rev Pro MIPS helmet is available in three sizes and two colors options in Giant and one in Liv, with an RRP of € 179.

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