Many of us have wondered what kind of pedals we should install on our gravel bike. If we must install flat platform pedals because a more cyclo-tourist use is made. Or double-sided pedals to have the two options it offers or also ones that are only clip-on. In addition to this, one must consider the material and color, etc.

There is a solution that gives you a lot of versatility and is the option of the double-sided or mixed pedal. The good thing is that you can use them for all kinds of tours and disciplines. On this occasion, we present you the Executive pedals of the Genetic brand.

Genetic Executive Pedals Detail

Sometimes, when we take our gravel bicycle, the objective is not always to carry out a sports activity. Examples are taking a short commute to work, or a quiet stroll where you don’t set yourself specific goals.

That is why the Genetic Executive are a versatile solution. On the one hand, they have a face formed by an SPD cove and the other part, formed by a rough rubber platform that allows you to roll with non-sports or exclusive cycling shoes, such as huaraches for example.

As for the pedal body, they are made of aluminum. Its axles, like most pedals, are Cro-moly. This means that they are obviously not light pedals since they give us a figure of 380 grams per pair. There are lighter ones such as the Time Atac LINK (348 grams), or the Btwin 500 (360 grams). But obviously, there are few grams that should not worry us.

According to users who have tried them, you have a reference on the page, the part without a cleat made up of rubber and small grip tips works quite well with all types of footwear and with different weather conditions.

Also, these pedals do not look excessively large like other pedals (e.g. Shimano EH500 mixers). The surface is not square but has a wider part and practically narrows at its tip. Aesthetically they look quite good and do not look excessive.

Another thing to keep in mind is what type of sneakers are best suited. In this case, I would choose shoes with a soft sole and obviously compatible with the SPD cleat. Some examples are the Giro Rumble VR, or Shimano MT3. These models allow you to carry cleats or simply use them as conventional sneakers.


Its official price is € 49.24 (Approx. US $ 55.30)


Mixed pedals for use with SPD cleats, or with sports shoes thanks to its double platform. Ideal for quiet bike trips or also for those quick outings. They have good eyesight. Only concern? How much that hard plastic could last.


  • Model: Genetic Executive Pedals
  • Modality: Gravel for any type of terrain. Cycling and urban cycling.
  • Body: aluminum.
  • Axes: Steel.
  • Compatible: With SPD cleats.
  • Tension: adjustable.
  • Weight: 380 grams per pair.
  • Price: € 49.24. – Approx. US $ 55.30

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