One solution if you have some respect for clipless pedals is to opt for dual pedals. This type of pedals allows you to change modes when you need it or if you feel somewhat insecure.

Here is a list of five of these multi-purpose pedals. You can use them on many terrains and occasions. Also, they are a good choice for touring in general. In addition, it allows you to use various types of footwear.

1. Look Geo Trekking / 49.00 €

 The first pedals that we introduce are the versatile Look Geo Trekking pedals. One of the most interesting things about them is that they weigh just 203 grams. Like all the models that we will present (and therefore we will ignore it in the following entries), it is that they have a side where we can be anchored with cleats (X-Track or SPD), and another with a flat platform, which allows us to move the foot without restrictions.

It is a sturdy pedal with a Composite body with a Chromoly (steel) axle. It is a good choice to install them in your gravel and gain confidence when you are a novice in cycling.


Its approximate price is € 49.00

2. Time Atac LINK / 54.90 €

Another option for dual pedals is the Time Atac LINK. It can be used for gravel or touring. Its body is also made of composite and its axis is made of steel. Unlike the former, it works with the Atac system of the brand itself.

They have an acceptable weight of 348 grams (the pair) and are somewhat more expensive than the previous ones. Although on the Internet you can find them for a contained price.


Its approximate price is € 54.90

3. Btwin 500 / 34.99 €

The Btwin 500 is another good choice of dual pedals, which, like all Decathlon products, are quite inexpensive. One of the interesting things is that its body is aluminum and its shaft is steel.

Also, and to make you feel more secure, the tension in the cleats is adjustable. As for the weight, it is in tune with the previous products: 360 grams per pair. Its design is remarkably similar to the Shimano pedals, which are presented below.


Its price is excellent: € 34.99.

4. Shimano EH500 / 59.99 €

These pedals from the Japanese brand are popular with MTB or gravel riders who prefer dual mode. Its design is very industrial, and the quality is first class.

Its weight is 383 grams per pair. Almost half of a 500ml drum filled with water (700 grams).

We will do a detailed review of these pedals soon as we are testing them.


Regular price: € 59.99, but you can find them at a special price online.

5. VP R62 / 45.50 €

To finish we have the dual VP R62 pedals. Like all the options previously presented, they are a good choice to install it on any type of bicycle. Four clamping pins are included on the surface platform side. The other part is to be used with SPD cleats.

Against them are the heaviest we have. They give us 452 grams in total on the scale. Nor is it outrageous if we consider that gravel cycling is to enjoy more than being the first.

If you want more information about this option, we recommend you read a review on Bikerumor about them.


Its price is not bad: € 45.50.


First of all, we apologize since there are countless models of dual pedals that can be used in gravel or any type of cycling discipline. There are many examples and it is sure that in quality and performance they can surpass those exposed.

As a common denominator, they are very versatile options that you can install on your different bikes. They allow you to use your shoes with cleats, or even with your usual sneakers.

If you think that using only cleat pedals is very risky due to an unforeseen event where you must free yourself quickly, then the dual pedals are for you.

As always, we encourage you to provide your comments.

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