There is no doubt that gravel cycling has reached many countries in an explosive way, the reasons being numerous and highlighting the safety that pedaling on a gravel road provides (less traffic, less chance of accidents). In the adoption of this recent cycling modality, the USA stands out, a huge country with hundreds of thousands of kilometers of gravel roads.

Other countries where gravel cycling has also become relevant are Australia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Argentina and Chile to name a few, but what about Mexico? In this country, gravel cycling is just beginning its adventure. “It is in diapers”, as they say in Mexico. Proof of this is the limited supply of gravel bikes in the country. Until a few months ago Trek published Checkpoint ALR4 on its website for Mexico. Today it no longer does. Giant only offers two of its gravel models (Revolt Advanced 2 and Revolt 2). Cannondale distribute some Topstone through third parties. The only brand that offers all its Diverge models in Mexico is Specialized.

Another proof is the null existence of gravel cycling events. But this is about to change. And it is not surprising, because according to data from the Mexican government, the country has 502,577km of dirt roads (not paved). To contrast the figure, we have that there are only 172,809km of paved roads. With such unpaved road mileage, gravel biking in Mexico has one of its main ingredients to be a success.

First gravel cycling event in Mexico?

The cycling group @GravelMexico based in the state of San Luis Potosí (central Mexico), by the way, a beautiful state that has all kinds of ecosystems (desert, forest, tropical forest, etc.), is organizing what according to our records in TodoGravel is the first gravel cycling event or race in Mexico.

Its name is “EL MEZQUITAL”, a race with a 100km route on gravel roads that will be held next Saturday, August 29, 2020 at 8 am. The space is limited and there are only two categories: female and male.

The competition is through GPS navigation and self-supported, that is, there will be no supply stops or staff to help you or provide you with drinks and meals. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers are applying social distancing rules at the start and finish line. The use of face masks is mandatory at the start of the race.

Like all cycling competition, this one also has requirements which are:

  1. Gravel bike in good condition.
  2. Computer cycle with GPS.
  3. Cell phone.
  4. Account in the Strava app.
  5. Competitor number installed on the handlebar.

The registration fee is $ 800 Mexican pesos (US $36 or € 30) and registrations are via WhatsApp at +52 (444) 113-2222.

The starting point is at the “El Mezquital” brewery, located on the San Luis Potosí – Guadalajara highway, kilometer 32.

So now you know, if you live in Mexico and the state of San Luis Potosí is not that far from your city, you also have time to organize the trip, then it is well worth being part of what seems to be the first gravel race. in Mexican territory.

We wish the organizers success and we hope that this first edition of “EL MEZQUITAL” will become in the not too distant future in the Mexican Dirty Kanza, adding more distance to the route and attracting cyclists from other countries.

Images source: @GravelMexico