The South African brand Ridefarr surprises us with its innovative components for gravel in its catalog. A few months ago we introduced you the Carbon Aero Bolt-On handlebar coupler and also its Farr Aero Gravel Alloy handlebar, which both allowed us to place our hands in different positions.

Well, this time we present its new frame for gravel bikes and which stands out for having a design very inspired by mountain bike models.

Frame detail

If what you are looking for is a frame to mount a personalized gravel, the Farr brand has a kit for it. The frame itself is made of 6061-T6 aluminum and its fork, oddly made of steel. As you already know and we have commented on some occasions, this type of aluminum is very widespread both in the manufacture of frames and various components.

«The frame is built in 6061-T6 aluminum and its fork, oddly in steel»

The end result is a mid-90s MTB-inspired frame with highly contemporary details and designed for off-road practice. In fact, the GMX is defined as a solution for the practice of Monster Cross. In other words, this kit is defined to mount 29-inch wheels and tire widths of up to 2.25″. Hard to find something like that on the market.

« Want a frame where you can mount tires up to 2.25″ wide on your 29 wheels? The GMX is for you»

Therefore, you will have a completely personalized model that navigates between a gravel and a mountain bike. They are models that allow you to face all kinds of surfaces by placing large tires.

Another of the peculiarities of the frame and as expected, is that it is designed for 1x or single-plate transmissions. In fact, the manufacturer recommends the installation of a 36 tooth chainring. With this, you can imagine that the result is that you will have a gravel that will have its limits by asphalt routes and that its nature is to enter all kinds of terrain off the road.

As for its geometry, like any bicycle similar to an MTB model, it presents a steep sloping or top tube drop. Therefore, this type of physiognomy causes the user to have greater manageability of the bicycle on any type of terrain.

« As for its geometry, like any bicycle similar to an MTB model, it presents a steep sloping or top tube drop»

Another aspect to note is that the frame has different eyelets to locate an additional third bottle cage, as well as eyelets to add a utensil bag in the upper tube. In addition, the fork also has holes for the installation of bikepacking solutions. So, it is a very complete frame on this subject.

«The frame has numerous eyelets to locate an additional third bottle cage, as well as a utensil bag in the upper tube. Do you want more? The fork has four eyelets! On each side»

The GMX comes like most current models with internal wiring. As I always add, this gives it a visually much cleaner look in compassion with models that present the cables externally.

If we focus on the thickness of its tubes, the bottom tube is much thicker and more hydroformed. The rest are much thinner, so the look is a pretty solid bike.

I would also highlight its weight, which in a small size gives us 1,809 grams on the scale. As for the steel fork, we are talking about 1,405 grams.

Yes, the frameset is heavy, but it is not to break speed records but to enter difficult terrain.

«The frameset is not light (3.2kg), but it is very solid that will allow you to cover any type of terrain»

Finally, this frameset supports 12mm thru axles in the frame and 15mm thru axles for the fork.


  • Model: Farr GMX frame and fork
  • Modality: Gravel Monster Cross
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Fork: Steel
  • Eyelets: Numerous
  • Chainrings: Only for 1x
  • Wheel size: 29 inches
  • Frame weight: 1,809 grams
  • Fork weight: 1,405 grams.


Its price is really good, approx. US $ 695 or € 615.50. This price includes the GMX frame, fork, front and rear thru axles, an alloy seatpost clamp.

More information

Ridefarr official website

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