This time we present you another “small” brand of gravel bikes that only here at TodoGravel you can find. It is the Fairdale Weekender Nomad 2021. Lately, thanks to adventure cycling, steel is a material that has been recovered with some force. There are many examples of bicycles both gravel and intended for use on long trips.

On this occasion, we present an example of a bicycle made entirely with the mentioned material. This is the Fairdale Weekender Nomad. Below, we detail its key aspects and we encourage you to participate with your comments.

Frame detail

The Weekender Nomad of the North American brand Fairdale is a bicycle made entirely of steel (4130 chromoly). Its fork, as you can see is made of this same material. The result of this type of model is that they are presented as “timeless” or somewhat classic options compared to hydroformed aluminum or carbon bicycles.

« Do you like steel gravel bikes? Fairdale’s Weekender Nomad is (4130 chromoly). They last a lifetime, but are heavier»

Its barely sloping frame is closer to a road bike than mountain bikes. In fact, the Weekender Nomad is not a pure gravel bike, but is designed for long journeys, or even as a bicycle for daily use.

«The design of this frame is classic. Barely sloping, it looks like a road bike. It is not a pure gravel bike, but for long trips»

What differentiates it from an exclusive model for asphalt is that it allows the installation of large tires. Specifically, we can install wheels with a size of 650b (27.5 x 2.0”), or with a size of 700c (29″). Therefore, it is an option that can give us a lot of versatility.

« An advantage of this bicycle is that we can install 650b (27.5 x 2.0”) or 700c (29 ″) wheels. Imagine what you would do if you had two sets of wheels / tires with both dimensions»

Obviously, being a frame made of Chromoly, its tubes are completely round, shapeless, and straight (Although models from other brands are already beginning to give more shape to the steel tubes, especially in the seatstays). The fork, despite being made of said material, is presented in a straight shape and therefore quite current.

The bicycle has some features that make it possible to carry cargo. For example, in the seatstays there are eyelets for the installation of a rear rack, or the fork has also eyelets for the installation of some accessory for bikepacking. Maybe I miss the possibility of installing a third bottle cage. True, there are solutions on the market that allow you to locate an additional cage through straps. However how is it possible that a gravel – adventure bike does not have this feature? Wrong here.

«The bicycle has some features that make it possible to carry cargo. For example, in the seatstays there are eyelets for the installation of a rear rack»

As for the sizes, it has four: S, M, L and XL. For this 2021 the color blue has been used. But you also have the possibility to buy the frame and fork in black and mount a more personalized bicycle.


The brand has opted for this model for the 1x Sram Rival 1 groupset. This set, as you well know, is focused on gravel, adventure cycling, or for those users who want single-plate solutions.

Its transmission, based on 11 speeds, can be compared in terms of level to the Shimano 105. Although I do not like to make these comparisons because I consider that each set has its idiosyncrasy.

Specifically, the Rival 1 has been chosen for mechanical brakes. That is why the price of this bicycle does not rise too high.

Continuing with the description of the drivetrain, it mounts a 42 tooth chainring (good here because it is not a 40t) combined with a large 11 / 42t cassette. Consequently, it is confirmed to be a transmission highly focused on off-road cycling. As for its performance per asphalt, it depends on the speed that each cyclist wants to achieve. With this type of development, you can have the feeling that you are a bit short. On descents, you will not reach speeds greater than 40-45km / h before you start to “float” on the pedals.

« In its drivetrain it mounts a 42 tooth chainring combined with an 11 / 42t cassette. Therefore, it is a focused transmission for off-road cycling. It is also useful when you carry traveling bags»

If we focus on the brakes, the bike includes Avid BB7 Road mechanical brakes. Although the effectiveness of braking is not the same as hydraulic ones, the users who have tried them speak of good behavior. In addition, its maintenance is minimal.


Most of the peripherals that this bicycle mounts are from the FSA brand. Obviously, when we talk about the price of contained models, these components are usually made of aluminum. Not for that reason they are of worse quality and we have to think that adventure cycling does not need to mount accessories that are so light or carbon.

«Most of the components that the Nomad 2021 mounts are from the well-known FSA brand. As it is a contained price bicycle, its components are made of aluminum»

One of the things to be thankful for and that we don’t usually see is that the bike comes standard with platform pedals. They are the Odyssey Twisted PC that are originally for BMX and have pins. Personally, I find them as a good choice for the city, or to make long trips with sneakers.

Wheels and tires

There is hardly any information on the wheels that are installed. I suppose they are provided by the brand itself and we are going to give them the benefit of the doubt. As for the tires, they are the Continental Double Fighter with a size of 650b.

The tires are suitable for traveling on all types of terrain, be they dirt roads or asphalt. It has a tread close to the concept of gravel and it is low. On the sides, they have slightly higher knobs that allow you some grip. Furthermore, the Continental brand is synonymous with quality.


The Fairdale Weekender Nomad is a model suitable for travel, multipurpose bicycle and obviously for the realization of gravel.

It includes a good drivetrain such as the Sram Rival 1 single-plate and its components are of very acceptable quality. It also has an extremely attractive price. And do not forget its nice blue color (or black if you only want the framset). Definitely a good option if your wallet is limited.


Its price is US $ 1,399 and € 1,222.72 approximately.

More information


  • Model: Fairdale Weekender Nomad
  • Modality: Multipurpose Bicycle. Bikepacking / Gravel
  • Frame: Steel
  • Fork: Steel
  • Group: Sram Rival 1 (mechanical brakes)
  • Chainring: 1x 42t
  • Cassette: 11 / 42t
  • Components: Aluminum
  • Tires: Continental Double Fighter with a size of 650b.
  • Wheels: 650b
  • Price: US $ 1,399 and € 1,222.72 approximately

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