Today I present a selection of low-cost products that can be adapted to gravel, or to any type of cycling. Some of them are specific to off-road cycling and can be good choices even to upgrade your current bike.
As always, I encourage you to provide your comments.

1. Gravel Handlebar B’twin / 24.99 €

Gravel Handlebar B’twin / 24.99 €

As a first article we highlight this B’twin brand gravel handlebar. In fact, Decathlon has two models, but we have opted for this one since it is a novelty this year.

It is presented as a component made of double layer 6061 T6 aluminum. It has an opening or Flare of 16 degrees. This handlebar has an available width of 440 mm.


You can buy it on the website and its price is only € 24.99.

2. Prime Kanza Aluminum Wheels / 265.21 € (650b) y 334.99 € (700c)

Prime Kanza Aluminum Wheels

If you want a decently priced aluminum gravel wheel (and forgive for the expression), the Prime Kanza is a good example.

On the one hand, these wheels are available for both 650b and 700c sizes. Therefore, it is really an option, very versatile that you can use for different types of terrain and conditions. With the smaller 650b option and lower tire pressure, you can cover much more technical roads. Make no mistake, the specialty of gravel cycling is designed for asphalt routes or forest tracks with a non-aggressive profile.

These wheels have a depth of 30 mm. As for its internal profile, it is 21 mm wide. This allows you to install tires with a size of 28 up to 50 mm. I think, as a user, with this width we cannot complain about thickness.

In addition, these wheels are compatible with both thru-axles and quick release (QR) systems. As for the first, the thru axle, supports the two standard measurements of 12mm or 15mm.

The weight of the wheels gives us acceptable 1,550 grams for the 650b version and 1,660 grams for the 700c size. Compared to the Kanza’s carbon model (1,550 grams), the difference is only a few grams. Of course, the price of the Kanza Carbon exceeds 600 euros. I personally, unless you are looking for some vibration reduction, would choose the aluminum model.

Finally, this wheel option is compatible with 9, 10 and 11-speed transmission and with the Shimano and Sram sets.


It costs € 265.21 (650b) and € 334.99 (700c) at

3. Pedals Look X-TRACK Gravel Edition / 40.90 €

Pedals Look X-TRACK Gravel Edition / 40.90 €

The LOOK X-TRACK Gravel Edition Pedals are a specific model for cycling off-road (although I disagree). They do not differ much in terms of the performance of some for MTB.

Like many models, they have double sides for anchoring. Obviously, they work with SPD cleats.

The pedal takes on the earthy color so related to adventure cycling. The pedal base has an aluminum body.

You have other versions of a higher level, with a carbon and composite surface. Although I advise you, and this is very personal, it is an excellent opportunity if you are thinking of purchasing cheap pedals.

The shaft is made of steel, obtaining a weight of 195 grams per unit (440 grams per pair with cleats). In addition, the clamping power is adjustable, essential for any automatic pedal.


Its price in BikeShop is € 40.90

4. Bottle cage Elite Custom Race / 9.50 €

It is an extremely popular bottle cage within the cycling world. It is therefore a classic that stands out for its very current design, for a reduced weight of 42 grams and its manufacture in varnished fiberglass.
It has an adjustable elastomer rubber that makes the bottle secure.

This bottle cage has different shades of colors that adapt to the painting of your painting.


Its approximate price is 9.50 €

5. Giro Revel helmet / 32.47 €

Giro Revel helmet / 32.47 €

If you are looking for a helmet with a more than acceptable quality at a contained price, the Giro Revel is a good choice. In fact, I have one and I am delighted.

In addition, for a low price, it has an excellent fit. The straps are good and their closure by a micrometer caster allows you to customize the pressure at your convenience.

It has 22 ventilation channels that allow you to use it at any time of the year. Its casing, built with In-Mold technology and an EPS shock absorbing structure, gives you a lot of security.


It has an excellent price in Bulevip of 32.47 €

6. Shimano GRX 600 cranks / 93.88€

Shimano GRX 600 cranks / 93.88€

If you are looking for a reasonably priced subcompact chainring, the GRX 600 cranks are a good choice. This is a 46/30 tooth transmission focused on gravel cycling and adjusting for 11-speed gears.

They are made entirely of aluminum and the weight of the set gives us acceptable 816 grams.


Its approximate price is 93.88 €.

7. Seatpost Prime Kanza / 42.42 €

7. Seatpost Prime Kanza / 42.42 €

This seatpost is also a specific component for gravel due to its top shape. It is made of aluminum (2014-T6 Alloy).

What sets it apart from a standard model is that it has anti-shock technology. This allows us to reduce the fatigue and discomfort in the butt produced when we travel several hours on a bicycle.

Another interesting thing is that it is available for both 27.2mm and 31.6mm diameters. As for its weight, it is 310 grams. I know there are lighter ones, but not at this price.


Its price is € 42.42 at

8. Selle Italia Sport Gel Flow S2 Saddle / 39.99 €

Selle Italia Sport Gel Flow S2 Saddle / 39.99 €

To finish, I offer you the Selle Italia Sport Gel Flow S2 saddle. This model does not exceed forty euros. It is a good choice if you need a antiprostatic and versatile model.

Obviously, it is an option for non-competitive outings and that its duration is not excessive. It has a generous padding that will allow us to circulate calmly and with much comfort.

It is a good choice to install it on a gravel bike since it gives us enough comfort. As for the rails, they are aluminum and their declared weight is 330 grams. It is not light, but it does have a good price and features.


Its official price is € 39.99 .