The “vintage or retro” equipment has resurfaced hand in hand with gravel, assuming the appearance of highly attractive and select products. From jerseys, socks, helmets, steel frames, slippers, among other accessories, unique products are emerging from small manufacturers or artisans.

This time we present the Dromarti Sportivo, as a different and classic footwear for those users who prefer aesthetics and comfort. Here is a brief description of its main characteristics.

A little history of the Dromarti brand

The history of the British brand Dromarti begins in 2009, in collaboration with a renowned Italian manufacturer. The objective was to create a cycling shoe with a very classic touch, made of leather and with compatibility for clipless or platform pedals with toe clips.

In 2014 all shoe production moved to Taiwan, resulting in a high-quality, artisan product with exceptional finishes. Leading this exciting project is founder Mark Shotter. The owner heads both logistics, management of the website, and all the information you need about the products. By the way, I sent an email asking them about the products and they answered me immediately, providing me with all kinds of information.

Features of the Dromarti Sportivo Touring Terra

Within the range of Dromarti cycling shoes, I want to highlight the Sportivo as specific gravel footwear or adventure or urban cycling. It is, according to what I have been able to report, a comfortable shoe that allows you to walk with some ease, since its sole is not as rigid as a competition shoe.

Visually the shoe seems divided in two. On the one hand we have the upper with a very “vintage” touch, with traditional laces and with various holes of different sizes. On the other hand, if we look at the sole, it gives us the feeling, if we ignore the upper part, that we are facing a pure shoe for MTB.

That they are comfortable shoes, is due in large part to their natural leather surface made of bovine. This characteristic makes it a flexible and exceptionally comfortable shoe. In addition, and as we pointed out, they have holes of different sizes that allow proper ventilation.

As for the adjustment, we have already mentioned that it is through laces. In this case, there are detractors or passionate about this classic system and ultimately it will depend on the taste of each user. The truth is that in the midst of the large number of systems based on boa or Velcro closure, laces may seem like a solution from the past. As a plus, the adjustment based on laces, allows you to adjust the tension in a more personalized way throughout the foot and therefore, feel more secure.


The Sportivo Touring Terra has a sole that allows you to install SPD-type cleats. Therefore, you can use them with your usual clipless pedals. Regarding the properties of this sole, it is rigid enough to pedal with some efficiency, but at the same time, its flexibility allows walking without obstacles, whatever the terrain.

Perhaps one of the drawbacks of these shoes is their resistance to water. Dromarti does not mention anything about it, but we believe that being made of leather, its resistance to water must be almost null or null. Otherwise, the issue would be cleared up.

Ultimately, the Dromarti brand has revived the joy of wearing leather shoes made specifically for cycling. Due to their characteristics, beyond their aesthetics, they are ideal for gravel or for urban walks without high pretensions to compete.

Sizes, colors, and price

As for the colors, you have brown / tan, black / red and gray / tan. Sizes range from 42 to 47 inclusive. The Sportivo is priced at £ 229.95 and is available for sale through the Dromarti´s website or through a network of select dealers. These shoes are not cheap, but they are beautiful.

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