Wiggle’s DHB brand was synonymous with low-priced cycling products a few years ago. In recent years, with the appearance of the Aeron Lab clothing range, it has been compared to other major clothing brands on the market.

Next, we detail its Aeron Lab Ultralight jersey, which I find ideal for use in times where the heat squeezes.


This jersey, as its name implies, is an ultralight and breathable garment that will go very well for our outings in summer, or when the heat is high. In fact, its weight in a size “M” is approximately a mere 85 grams. Compared to other similar jerseys (120 grams on average), it is much lighter.

If you look at its design, it is a very tight garment. Therefore, it is good to compete or to make exits by asphalt where we need to gain some aerodynamics. In this sense, you must choose the size well because it can be a bit short by selecting your usual size.

« It is a tight-fitting jersey with sleeves almost to the elbows. Therefore, its aerodynamics is a fact»

Another thing I like about this jersey is that it is short. I am a fan of this type of cut because I find them more comfortable with respect to cycling jerseys that fit a little long. It is a very personal feeling since I feel much freer when pedaling.

Another aspect to highlight is that the jersey is somewhat transparent unlike what we are used to seeing. Therefore, apart from the feeling of ventilation you can get, it is a garment that not everyone can fit. Along with its slim fit, I would advise it for users who are somewhat thin.

« The Aeron Lab Ultralight has three rear pockets and small reflective tabs »

As for his sleeves, unlike other jerseys that we usually wear, these are quite long. It practically covers half your arm, which is good on sunny days. Some people like jerseys with shorter sleeves, but this is something personal.

« The jersey design is flat or clean, without logos or drawings, making it elegant»

For its manufacture, three fabrics have been used that are differentiated by having different layouts. The main part of the jersey is made of polyester (94%) and elastane (6%).

Finally, the Aeron Lab Ultralight has three pockets on the back and small reflective tabs. You have different sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL, and different colors.


If you want a lightweight, tight-fitting jersey for summer cycling, the DHB Aeron Lab Ultralight is a good choice.

As for its quality, according to users who have tried it, it has nothing to envy to the options that we have from other major brands. And looking at the photos, it seems that way.


Its approximate price according to size and colors is from € 75.20 to € 94.00 or US $85 – US $107. You can find it at Wiggle.com.