It is almost impossible to know for sure how many brands of gravel bikes currently exist, although the 99 Spokes website has made it easy for us to track it. The truth is that the more there are, the better for cyclists of this modality.

Well, Cotic is another of those small and / or little known brands outside of its country that seeks to gain the preference of cyclists with its models. This British brand, which has been in existence for 15 years, has in its catalog an interesting gravel bike model. It is the Cotic Escapade, made of steel and which, in addition, has different assemblies and prices.

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Detail of the Cotic Escapade 2021

This is not the first time that we have introduced a bicycle built in steel for off-road cycling. But what makes this model different from what we are used to seeing is that the Cotic Escapade has a frame worked with said alloy but quite updated.

« The Cotic Escapade presents a frame worked in steel with a more pronounced sloping compared to other brands»

For this year, the bicycle presents some novelties such as a new routing of the cables designed for 1x drivetrain and also incorporates thru axles in both, its front and rear wheels.

«The arrangement of the cables is internally in the fork and externally in the frame»

The Escapade continues to maintain a ‘timeless’ styled frame made up of slim tubes but incorporates some very modern features. For example, mount a tapered steerer carbon fork, or its geometry adds some unusual sloping on a steel frame. Also, the top tube is not completely round but has an oval design. As a whole, it looks quite modern compared to other steel built gravel bikes.

Another detail to mention is that the seatstays in the upper part do not join directly to the seat tube. They join a single tube, which is the one that joins the seat tube (see last image). This is a very rarely used design today.

«The top tube is not completely round but has an oval design. As a whole, it looks quite modern compared to similar models»

Another thing that I would highlight is that, like any modern gravel bike, there is enough space to mount tires of different sizes. Specifically, we can install 700c wheels with tires up to 42mm or for 650b wheels with tires up to 47mm.

Cotic offers two colors for the Escapade: dark gray and orange (my favorite) and in various sizes to fit you; XS, S, M and L.

Component and drivetrain options

You have up to nine different mounting options, ranging from £ 1,299 with Shimano Sora (approximately € 1,451.47 or US $1720) to £ 2,574 with Shimano GRX800 (approximately € 2,875.96 or US $3,410).

Personally, I stick with the configuration that the Sram Apex 1 mounts (£ 1,749 / approx. 1,953.93 euros or US $2,300). This model comes with a single 42 tooth chainring and a large 11/42 cassette. A development very oriented to the practice of gravel. However, here at TodoGravel we have our differences over which transmission is better. You have the best decision.

Finally, about the weight of the Escapade, Cotic does not mention something about it, but we estimate that, having a steel frame, its weight should be around 11kg. Although it varies according to the components that are mounted to the frame.


The Cotic Escapade is a very versatile bike. In fact, all the steel models are options that you can use both for gravel, travel, route or as vehicles to move around the city. In short, if you want a “rare brand” or little-known that makes you feel unique, but well-made steel-made bike, the Cotic Escapade is a good choice.

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