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We want TodoGravel to also be a platform for cyclists like you to express or share with our readers their own experiences that can help them make a decision, learn more about bicycles or inspire them to get on them to find new adventures.

If you’re up for it, keep in mind that readers deserve well-written articles, so we invite you to follow the following basic rules:

  1. The article must be linked to the theme of TodoGravel.
  2. The content can be a review, story, experience, advice or review and have between 800 and 1,000 words.
  3. The article must have an introduction, content and conclusion. Describe the topic and don’t forget to answer the basic questions of how, when, where, why, who and what. Also don’t forget titles and subtitles.
  4. If you quote brands, products or bicycle parts do not forget to link them. In preference to
  5. Open or full self-promotion is not allowed. At the end you can mention your name, company, cycling group, blog, social networks or whatever you like.
  6. Do not forget the images in high resolution and type JPG or PNG. Respect sources by citing them.
  7. Inspire the reader. Convince them that your story or article is worth reading.

Please note that all articles are reviewed, perhaps edited, and there is no guarantee that they will be published. We take the quality of the articles seriously out of respect for our readers.

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