All countries have gravel roads, but not the same landscapes and lengths. One that stands out for the latter is Chile, in whose territory all kinds of ecosystems can be found; from the desert (Atacama) and to glaciers in the extreme south of the continent, as you can see in the photos that our friends from @GravelTemuco kindly share with us (thanks guys!).

For this rich environmental variety to occur, it helps that the extension of Chile from north to south or south to north is 4,300km (2,700 miles).

As in the rest of Latin American countries, gravel cycling in Chile has only just begun to gain followers and with such natural wealth it is not surprising that this modality takes hold in the short term. However, it must be recognized that in that part of the world it has strong competition with adventure cycling, which has its own characteristics and bikes, although gravel bikes are also often used for this.

But entering the subject of this article we have that the Wikiloc website, which is something like the Wikipedia of adventure sports (cycling, motorcycling, mountaineering, river rafting, etc.), generates a list of 111 routes for gravel cycling in Chile.

Routes of all kinds and all lengths

In the list that Wikiloc presents, there are routes of all kinds of distances and in practically all regions of Chile. Among them we highlight the following:

  • Ruta del Zorro, Quebrada de la Plata: its route is 58.8km and is located on the west side of Santiago, capital of Chile. It is of a moderate level of demand and was shared by the cyclist CMarfitani. Regarding its unevenness, the route starts at a height of 464m and reaches 1,068m.
  • Maipú – El Seminario: It has a length of 128km and begins in the Maipú neighborhood, in Santiago, to reach the town of El Quisco. The cyclist Profefabian did this ride in 9 hours 45 minutes. Its level of demand is moderate.
  • AA E3: do you want to do a long-distance gravel tour? Then this route is for you. It is located in the province of Araucanía (south-central Chile). It has a distance of 393km. Rider PSK74 completed this route in 19 hours 42 minutes. On the map you can see that it is a spectacular route and obviously you can cut it according to your level of physical conditioning.
  • Tour of Arauco: It is located in the province of Biobío and runs through various towns such as Los Álamos, Lebu and Arauco. The route is 149km long and was shared by Luis Pereda Córdova, who classifies this route as a difficult level.

We invite you to consult the Wikiloc page so that you can visualize the rest of the routes available there and that gravel cyclists upload to the internet, who by the way, we must thank them for sharing them.

If you are from another country, then in its search engine you simply type “gravel bike routes YOUR COUNTRY” and the page will provide you with the respective routes.

Other sources of information for gravel routes in Chile

Thanks to the Internet, it is relatively easy to locate routes to practice gravel cycling both in Chile and in any country in the world. There are a good number of specialized web pages in providing such information, just as Wikiloc does.

Our favorite page and tool is Strava’s Heat Map. If you consult it, you can discover the most popular cycling routes in your country or region. And if you know some geography, then you will be able to identify those gravel routes of your interest. Surely you will take pleasant surprises from the routes that fellow cyclists have done, in addition to serving as inspiration.

Do you live in Chile -or in any country- and practice gravel?

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