The e-gravel is perfect to escape the routine, to get out of the city. Thanks to the electric motor you can enjoy your adventures leaving home, without using the car and without worrying about time constraints and … your physical condition.

Going out and riding the fastest route to reach the highest point, are sensations that are now available to all cyclists thanks to the new Canyon Grail: ON, an e-bike for gravel that was born from the fusion of the Grail model with a powerful pedaling assistance system.

Canyon joins the trend of gravel e-bikes and accompanies Specialized and Cannondale, to name a few.

Canyon Grail:ON

The non-powered Grail CF has already received praise from the gravel community around the world, and the Grail: ON has inherited many of the features that have made it popular. Especially the innovative (for some strange) concept of comfort, which includes the revolutionary integrated cockpit with two heights, the flexible VCLS 2.0 seatpost, a light frame and high volume tires.

« Integrated stem and handlebar with two heights improve, Canyon says, control and comfort thanks to its ergonomic design»

Weighing less than 16kg, available in multiple sizes (2XS-2XL) and awarded the Red Dot Design Award, the character and gravel capabilities of the new Grail: ON are obvious.

«The Canyon Grail: ON is available in a unisex and WMN version with women’s specific geometry»

Canyon says the Grail: ON is much more than a powered Grail. It’s a bike designed from the ground up to meet the specific demands of e-gravel riding, with a different geometry, gravel-specific components, and a unique design. The longer wheelbase and 50mm wide tires (something not quite common in gravel bikes) provide the added stability required to ride on uneven terrain with the help of an electric motor. All Grail: ONs have a more relaxed driving position to increase comfort, including DT Swiss HG series wheels specific for e-gravel and 1 × 1 transmission.

« The driving position is more relaxed to increase comfort. Includes DT Swiss e-gravel HG series wheels with 50c width tires»

The assistance system of choice for the Grail: ON is the powerful Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 engine, originally developed for mountain e-bikes. It has four assistance modes: Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo, allowing you to choose the most appropriate level of assistance depending on the terrain and our physical condition. With 85 Nm of torque, this motor is capable of increasing your pedaling power by up to 340%. Its operation is progressive, at higher cadence, higher level of assistance.

« All models use the powerful Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 engine»

Prices and models

The Grail: ON CF will be available starting Wednesday, July 22 at The range will initially include the following models:

  • Grail: ON CF 7 (€ 4,999 or approx. US $5,790), also available in WMN version with specific contact points for women.
  • Grail: ON CF 8 (€ 5,299 or approx. US $6,150)
  • Grail: ON CF 8 eTap (€ 5,999 or approx. US $6,950) with SRAM Force AXS eTap electronic transmission, carbon wheels and weighing only 15.9 kg (size M)

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