It is not the first time that we have presented a good quality helmet at a reasonable price. On this occasion, we carry out a review on the Abus Macator. It is a versatile and valid option for the practice of gravel cycling.

Below we detail the key aspects of the Macator and we encourage you to provide your comments.

Abus Macator detail

The first thing we should highlight about the Macator is that it is a versatile helmet. Although the brand categorizes it at the road model level, we believe it is also a good option for gravel or any type of cycling. It should be remembered that the specific helmet models for gravel are numbered, highlighting those offered by Mavic.

Returning to the Macator, the helmet comes with an additional visor that you can wear when riding off-road. This protection looks quite generous compared to other visors that are usually shorter.

On the other hand, to be an initiation model its weight is quite good. In fact, in size “M” according to the manufacturer’s data it weighs only 280 grams. Compared to the high-end Abus Aventor, the difference in the same size is only 20 grams apart.

«The Macator’s weight is fairly good. In size “M” according to the manufacturer’s data, it weighs only 280 grams»

Like most current helmets, the fit is surprisingly good and customizable. That is, in addition to the straps, it has a caster or dial on the back that allows you to have a good hold. According to users who have tried it, it is well gripped and does not move on abrupt paths.

« As in any other mid-level helmet, the Abus Macator has a wheel or dial on the back that allows you to have a good hold»

In addition, it has enough internal padding to feel comfortable. This is thick enough and we can remove it for washing. It also has padding in the part of the strap closure that protects us from the skin and avoids the risk of pinching the neck.

Although it is not an ultra-ventilated model like other options (example the Giant Rev Pro Mips), it has up to 13 openings that give us enough air intake. Therefore, you can use it during any time of the year.

One of the things that we should be grateful for in this option is that it has an anti-insect mesh on the front. Personally, although it is not vital, I find that it is a functionality that not all helmets have and is particularly useful. In addition, it allows you to protect the front of your head by blocking some sunlight.

« The Macator has an anti-insect mesh on the front, which also protects some of the sunlight»

As for its construction, the casing is made of polycarbonate joined in-mold with the internal EPS. A technique that is used in a higher-level helmet and that provides greater resistance and safety.

Finally, you have six different colors and with 3 different levels of size, adapting heads from 51 cm to 62 cm.


It has an excellent price: approximately between € 40 – € 45 or US $46 – US $52, depending on the store.


The Abus Macator is a cheap helmet of acceptable quality. You can use it for any cycling discipline and obviously for gravel. I would also emphasize that you can add a visor.

It has an excellent weight of only 280 grams (size M) that has nothing to envy to high-end models. Variety of colors is also a plus.

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