Here is a list of eight inexpensive pedals for gravel or even mountain biking. Some of them use the clipless SPD system for a sportier gravel and others are platform type. I have also included hybrids to be used with normal footwear for your touring outings or pedaling on urban roads.

Surely, I have left some other options that does not reach the limit of 60 euros. As always, I invite you to share your opinions.

Are there specific pedals for the Gravel?

The question is difficult to answer, since gravel cycling by its nature covers a wide variety of surfaces. We can face purely asphalt terrain or, more rugged surfaces where quick release is essential.

If I go for a type of pedal, I think that the pedals for Mountain Bike and Mixed are the ideal ones. I have ruled out any asphalt pedal, which although its performance is higher at high speeds, they are more uncomfortable when releasing on difficult roads.

The pedals for MTB or Touring (mixed) allow you to carry a shoe that is possible to walk with them and, in addition, many of them are designed with double anchoring face being easier to put on.

1. Shimano PD-M520 / 24,84 €

Shimano PD-M520 / 24,84 €

Well, here are the first ones and they are cheap pedals but with incredibly good functionality. I have them installed on my Merida Silex and the truth is that I am delighted with them. They are reliable and I have an easy feeling to drop. Coming from road cycling, sometimes I had the impression of being too anchored.

What I like about them is that they are double-sided pedals and, I would highlight that they are quite minimalist. They hardly protrude from your bike. I must tell you that I am a lover of small and discreet pedals. It is simply for aesthetic reasons.

In addition, for your peace of mind it is a durable and very versatile model. You can install it on your gravel, or on your mountain bike. They are also good for touring.

This pedal works exactly in terms of input and release, just like the top-priced brand models, and only the difference lies in the materials to satisfy the price.

They have a very acceptable weight of 380 grams according to Shimano official data and, as is logical, they work with SPD cleats.


Its price is excellent and you can find them at Wiggle for € 24,84. It has three colors (silver, black and white)

2. Flat pedals DMR V12 / 47,90 € – 54,95 €

Flat pedals DMR V12 / 47,90 € – 54,95 €

Now I present you a flat pedal solution that you can use both for your gravel outings, cycling, or around town.

DMR V12 MAG are made of magnesium. It is a light model (350 grams). The pedal body has a flat platform and a very slim profile of just 16mm.

They have a good grip thanks to their pins. In short, they are ideal for dirt tracks, roads, etc. Therefore, it is a versatile and resistant model.


Its price can be found in ChainReaction for € 47.90 – € 54.95. You have several colors: black, white, blue, red, silver, orange and yellow.

3. Decathlon XC LIGHT / 39,99 €

Decathlon XC LIGHT / 39,99 €

You could not miss some Decathlon brand pedals such as the XC Light. They have a particularly good price and their weight is in tune with the other options on this list: only 360 grams. It is not so bad weight, considering that high-end pedals their weight is around 280-320 grams.

Like many models presented, they are double-sided and work with SPD cleats. Furthermore, the strength of the anchor is adjustable; important thing to feel comfortable.

As for the material that is made, its body is aluminum and the axle are steel. Although they are specific pedals for Cross Country, you can use them for all types of cycling, especially for off road.


Its price in Decathlon is € 39.99.

4. Crank brothers Double Shot 1 / 47,35 €

Crank brothers Double Shot 1 / 47,35 €

They are pedals that we can call hybrid as they have a part where we can go with SPD type cleats and another, which is flat with somewhat discrete pins. Therefore, you can use them as best suits you in various situations. This type of option is very suitable for beginners who do not just feel safe wearing a model that is well supported.

As for the material of the pedal it is hard plastic. This perhaps explains its excellent weight of just 330 grams. In tune with higher quality ones.

In short, they are an ideal alternative to get started in automatic anchorage without losing the versatility of being able to go with your normal footwear. You have three colors: red, blue, and black.


Its price in Deporvillage is € 47.35

5. Pedals Look X-TRACK Gravel Edition / 40,90 €

Pedals Look X-TRACK Gravel Edition / 40,90 €

The LOOK X-TRACK Gravel Edition Pedals are a specific model for cycling off-road (although I disagree). They do not differ much in terms of the performance of some pedals for MTB.

Like many models, they have double sides for anchoring. Obviously, they work with SPD cleats.

The pedal takes on the earthy color so related to adventure cycling. The base is inspired by the cheapest model in the range, having an aluminum body.

You have other versions of a higher level, with a carbon and composite surface. Although I advise you, and this is very personal, it is an excellent opportunity if you are thinking of purchasing cheap pedals.

The axle is made of steel, obtaining a weight of 195 grams per unit (440 grams per pair with cleats). In addition, the clamping to the cleats can be regulated, an essential thing in any automatic pedal.


Its price in BikeShop is € 40.90

6. Pedals Ritchey Comp XC V5 / 53,30 €

Pedals Ritchey Comp XC V5 / 53,30 €

The Ritchey Comp XC V5 are pedals with an affordable price (this is not something new in this review). I personally recommend them for those users who are excited to mount a component similar in performance, not weight, to the pro level pedals.

The success of these pedals is that it presents a design called Paradigm, offering the rider a greater support surface but without sacrificing size. These pedals, compared to the high-end Ritchey WCS XC, in terms of weight, make a difference of only 33 grams.

The Comp XC V5 are made of aluminum except for its steel axle. As for the foot release, it is like the Shimano range: adjustable. I recommend them for those new users and that they regulate them as smoothly as possible so that they can release agilely in case of unforeseen events. In addition, this model enables better evacuation of the mud.


Its price in Deporvillage is € 53.30.

7. Pedals TIME ATAC XC2 / 53,30 €

Pedals TIME ATAC XC2 / 53,30 €

The Time brand is a guarantee of quality. These inexpensive pedals are an example. We can use them for both gravel and MTB. In addition, this model incorporates the ATAC system: Auto Tension Adjustment Concept, which is a patented mechanism by the brand that allows you to free yourself from the adjustment of hardness since the maintenance of the foot is independent of the spring tension.

In addition, it combines an ultralight design with the exceptional mud and debris cleaning system.

As for the body, it is made of composite. The axle is obviously made of steel. They have an interesting weight of only 151 grams (302 grams a pair).

They are therefore a minimalist model with an interesting relationship in the weight-performance ratio.


You can find them on Bikestocks for € 53.95.

8. Pedals Wellgo Mixtos / 27,95 €

Pedals Wellgo Mixtos / 27,95 €

To finish, I present you a model that is at a price level like those of Shimano. They are the Wellgo Mixtos mini and are also hybrid pedals. They have one side to be used with shoes without cleats and another that works with the SPD anchorage systems.

For an efficient grip without cleats they have pins (I have never tried this type of grip although I understand that they go better than a flat pedal). I find them ideal to install them on a gravel, or on a bicycle where we travel through different terrains. Also, they are a valid option for touring.
You can find them on Bikestocks for € 27.95


Undoubtedly, I forgot some models that could have been part of this list of cheap pedals. Fortunately, there are many options that have good characteristics for the use of gravel cycling. As a common denominator, I think that the pedals must have a series of characteristics:

  • That they are easy to anchor. If you are a novice, I recommend that they have double sides (SPD and planes).
  • That they allow us to wear comfortable and non-rigid footwear, since this type of discipline causes unforeseen stops or simply to rest.
  • That its maintenance is minimal, both in terms of adjustment and cleaning.

Add, that there are other valid pedal systems that I have not added to the list, for example, those based only on grip pins or even those based on magnets (MAGPED).